Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Curry in a Hurry!

Curry di Agnello Trittato & Piselli "Keema Matar"
Keema Matar Curried Lamb & Peas

Curries are wonderful, aren't they? Rich and spicy and delicious, they are a treat at any time... but they are not always easy to make at any time, because usually we are in a hurry and more often than not, a curry is a dish that requires a longer cooking time... but not this one!

I had the last of the ground lamb from yesterday evening left over and wanted to turn it into something delicious, rather than just taking the easy (but delicious) way out and making it into a burger... So I decided to give it a mild, spicy treatment and added some sweet and tender peas to make my version of this favorite and classic Indian curry called Keema Matar! And I think you would probably really enjoy it too....

I started off my curry by frying a good pinch of the ground lamb, about a tablespoonfuls-worth, in a dry, non-stick frying pan, until it began to sizzle and give off it's fat. At this point, I added a finely sliced onion, a little chopped garlic and ginger and a  generous sprinkle of both garam masala and turmeric. This way I got to save on adding any extra fat and was able to heat up the spices to let their flavor develop before the actual cooking of the dish began. 

Once the onion had become transparent, I added the rest of the lamb and stirred it in, chopping it up with  my wooden spoon until it had become thoroughly well mixed with the spiced and seasoned lamb. I added salt, pepper, a little chili, a good squeeze of tomato paste and a handful of finely chopped coriander. For this generous single serving, about a tablespoonful of tomato paste was plenty...

The next thing that I added was the frozen peas- and as soon as they had begun to thaw nicely, I added a good tablespoon of chick-pea flour to the pan and stirred that in well. As soon as it was stirred-in nicely, I added a good splash of water and stirred some more until a nice sauce began to form... the chick-pea flour thickened the sauce up immediately and I simply added more water, a little at a time, until the sauce had a consistency that I liked. 

Having added the chick-pea flour, I was able to add some plain yogurt into the sauce and to make it smoother and creamier, with out the yogurt curdling, which of course it would normally do. So it was just a tablespoonful or two for this single serving that I added- and yes, suddenly the sauce was transformed! I much prefer doing this than to adding cream or coconut milk- it is so much more healthy and every bit as delicious!

The last ingredient was a little finely chopped tomato, which gave a little freshness and juiciness and a tiny squeeze of lemon to give it a little bit of "zing!" on top! I served my curry on a simple bed of basmati rice and topped it with a last tablespoon of yogurt and some freshly, finely chopped coriander... pretty delicious! Try it and you'll see! And let me know what you think!

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