Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fruits and No Labor!

Ricotta Frullata con Coco & Kiwi
Coconut-Ricotta Cream with Kiwi

Dessert- what a chore that always is! I am totally happy preparing anything savory... but when it comes to the sweets, I always struggle! They always seem like so much hard work, are usually complicated to make, and then are 9 times out of 10, tasty as they may be, fattening and not really good for you... That's already plenty of reasons I can give you for skipping desserts unless it is a special occasion!

But this evening WAS a special occasion- because I decided I wanted to share a little idea with you all! Well there was that... plus the fact that I had these 2, deliciously ripe kiwis lying around- haha! They need to be used up and I needed to think of something quickly... and this is what I came up with! A simple and delicious whipped, low-fat ricotta cream, with a little vanilla and coconut and the fresh fruit to go with it... and what do you say to that? Pretty good, huh?

For the cream, I simply added a little milk to the ricotta and whisked it until it became soft and smooth. I added coconut, a little lime juice, vanilla essence and sweetened it with Stevia- and yes of COURSE you can use sugar if you so prefer! I would suggest powdered confectioners sugar if you do, as it dissolves more easily and you will not have any graininess in the texture of the cream. The ricotta does need to be whisked for a full 3-4 minutes in order for it to lose its heavy, slightly mealy consistency, but trust me, it will be smooth and delicious after that time.

Basically, that is is all that it took to transform a plain cream cheese into a delicious dessert cream- with little fat, in this case with no sugar and with a lot less effort than almost any other dessert- discounting of course simply opening up a tub of ice cream! Haha! But that just wouldn't be as much fun either! I served it up with fresh kiwi in this case, which was tangy and refreshing and went together wonderfully with the coconut and lime flavors. Ha! And I was worried about putting those kiwis to good use! In retrospect, I cant think of a better way to enjoy them! So enjoy!

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