Saturday, 6 April 2013

Not a Fig-ment... just Pure Imagination!

Focaccia con i Fichi Secche, Prosciutto, Parmigiano & Rucula
Focaccia with Dried Figs, Parmesan, Ham & Arugula

So you want to make a quick, easy and delicious snack? Then try this here for size! In next to no time, a store-bought pizza dough can be transformed into a perfect focaccia, with a deliciously wonderful topping... that you and your friends or families are bound to enjoy. You see... it is just outrageously delicious! That is all that I can say to describe it!

And again... these delicious figs are something I saw at a Persian vendors store at the market hall today... stacked up high and looking delicious... I have never cooked with them before and so I decided that this was going to be the day! With a nice Italian Coppa ham and a little Parmesan and arugula- this was the flat-bread to beat them all! Hands down!

This was so easy to make- you are going to love it! The flavor combination is a no-brainer... sweet, salty, peppery and crispy- what's not to love?!?

I made this in my frying pan again- THE best way to get your pizzas crisp at home! I turned on the broiler to maximum power and turned on my stove top likewise. Pizza ovens are very, very hot- so fear not... you are not going to achieve that kind of heat at home anyway... but you can try! ;-) Which is what I did!

So... I cut the dough into a rough circle and spread it out in my pan. I then cut the figs in half, (they are very sticky o the inside!) and spread them out evenly on top. I then sprinkled the base evenly with parmesan and with a few slices of the ham. I added a nice sprinkle of coarsely ground black pepper and popped the frying pan onto the heat for 4-5 minutes, until the base became firm and crispy from below, then slid the pan under the broiler for 4-5 more to get the top equally brown and crispy... SO easy!

Once it was done, I let it cool for just a few minutes before adding the arugula (otherwise it would have wilted whilst the base was piping hot) and have to say that the combination was just divine! Again... I have no words to tell you how good it was! You have to try it for yourselves... really you do! And if I were you... I would do it now! Buon apetito!

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