Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stuck in a Jam!

Tortilla con Banana & Marmellata é Fiocchi di Cocco
Breakfast Tortillas with Banana, Coconut Jam & Flakes

Every now and then I happen upon new and interesting things when I am out perusing the shelves of the Asian supermarkets... which can sometimes be risky- like yesterday for example, when I bought those pungent and deadly "stink beans"!

On the other hand, I did also buy awesome and delicious Coconut Jam!


Not really knowing how I should use this newly discovered, rich, sweet and slightly exotic ingredient- I did the most logical thing and simply opened the jar, dipped in a teaspoon and had a little taste...

...and discovered that this is simply, (but also deliciously), caramelized coconut milk... meaning it is sweetened with sugar and boiled down until it reaches a thick, dense, consistency which looks like and is as sweet as toffee... yum!


So, being as banana and toffee are such great friends, I decided to combine them with a few extra coconut flakes and to fold them up in tortilla wraps for a delicious breakfast treat today... and this is how I did it...


Amazing to think that one banana and a couple of tortillas can turn into something as yummy as this in just 10-15 minutes, isn't it? Amazing and cool too!


Nothing could be easier than this... simply slice the banana relatively thinly and spread out the slices in a double line in the center of the tortilla.


Next, drizzle the banana slices lightly with the coconut jam- not too much as it is a.) very sweet and b.) melts really quickly and will otherwise seep out- and you don't want that!


Sprinkle with coconut flakes and pop the tortilla into a frying pan. Begin to heat up the tortilla in a dry frying pan and as soon as it becomes softer and more pliable, fold the tortilla shut and then pop it into the oven for a minute or so.


Drizzle again from the outside with a little more coconut jam and pop the tortillas under the broiler for 1-2 minutes... as you can see- that coconut jam will melt and begin bubbling-up in next to no time...


 Let me just say that if you like "Banoffee Pudding" you are bound to like this!


Add a generous sprinkle of coconut flakes before serving and not only does it taste better but also suddenly looks much better too!

Soft and creamy banana in the middle, with rich coconut flavor, wrapped in a crispy tortilla shell... what's not to like? To LOVE in fact! Go ahead, try them out and enjoy!

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