Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Frozen... in Time

Arancia & Banana Congelati con Yogurt
Frozen Orange, Banana & Yogurt


 So, it finally feels like Summer, it is hot, sunny and beautiful and the one thing that well all enjoy on days like this is some sweet refreshment! Oh yes!

But let's face it... if we start eating ice cream every day, or drinking milkshakes, soft drinks and such likes... by the time Winter comes around, WE are probably going to BE round!


So let's slow down a second and think of some easy, natural, cooling and refreshing treats we can enjoy each and every day... after all, we can still enjoy those ice creams and other sinful and yummy things every now and again too! Can't we? Sure we can!

The 4 little glasses of frozen fruit yogurt in the pictures were made from just 1 orange, 1 banana and maybe 3 cups of yogurt. 4 small glasses, 2 regular glasses, 1 bowl... whatever! That's still a lot of refreshment from just a very few ingredients!


You can sweeten this with just a little honey, like I did, if the banana is sweet enough, you may even find it to taste fine as it is, you can use Stevia... or sure- of course you CAN use sugar. I just wanted to aim to keep things simple and natural and see how it turned out...


I prepared my snacks this morning before work- the first job was to take a few fine shavings from the orange zest before peeling it right down to the flesh, so that I could chop these finely to stir into the mix later. I briefly blanched them in boiling water- for just a minute or so, to remove any harsh bitterness from the zest.


I then diced the orange, sliced the banana, sprinkled the zest on top and popped everything into the freezer and went on my way, to work, knowing I would have something nice and refreshing in store when I came home!


After 5-6 hours, everything was nicely frozen solid and perfect to be whizzed-together and to partially freeze the yogurt. Nothing artificial to add, no extra fat and no guilty conscience... it is doable! Sure, cream, sugar, high-fat yogurt or added ice-cream can make this kind of thing richer and "more enjoyable"... but I enjoy being healthy too. Just sayin'

I used a lower fat yogurt- as long as it is plain and natural, it is all good. Start off with the orange and just a little yogurt at first- just enough to get the orange blended in and smooth. The orange of course has lots of juice in it, which will make your yogurt blend too liquid if you are not careful... so be careful!


Next, add the banana slices. You can keep a few to lay on top as a garnish, but otherwise, blend them in and then use a spoon to see a.) how firm it is- and b.) how sweet of course!

Add sweetener accordingly- or not, as the case may be and you are basically ready. You could add a hint of vanilla or even cinnamon to this mix- I can imagine ginger tasting great in it too! This was the first time I have made it and for sure I am a little wiser now for the next time... but I am also very, very eager!


Oh- and yes... I DID eat all of them by myself! 
Sorry! ;-)

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