Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Small, Fresh and Beautiful!

Carciofini, Patate, Pisellini & Pancetta
Baby Artichokes, Potatoes, Sugarsnap Peas & Bacon


This, my friends, is another of those meals made from very few, very simple and very tasty ingredients, that is made with very little effort and which will still make a great impression!

Artichoke, potato and peas is a classic Italian combination- some things are just made for each other! Another thing that is made for all 3 of those main ingredients is mint- and something that goes without saying is that a little bacon is also a welcome guest in this little circle of friends! Together with lemon juice, oregano, parsley and a little nutmeg, these make for a great combination and a nice new twist on an ages-old favorite- enjoy!


This lovely dish of food will take you between 40-45 minutes to prepare and makes for a lovely Summer lunch or supper- although it might even make a nice, elegant side dish to a better grilled steak, fish or chicken.


This evening, for a nice, satisfying supper for one, I had 3 baby artichokes, 2 small potatoes, a handful of finely chopped bacon, a handful of sugar-snap peas, a Spring onion and plenty of fresh mint, oregano and parsley... yum, yum!


 When I see this picture it makes me want to eat this all over again! And how!!!


The first step in preparing this is to peel the potatoes and to trim the artichokes, then cut all of them into quarters.

Pluck off the outer leaves of the artichoke and peel the stalk, then cut away the tops and immediately rub with lemon juice to prevent them oxidizing. Scoop out any choke you may find in the center- I was lucky and had none in these, then rub all of the cut surfaces and boil, together with the potatoes for 15 minutes.


In the meantime, finely slice the Spring onion, finely chop the 3 herbs and trim away the ends from the peas.


 After 15 minutes of boiling, drain the potatoes and artichokes and put them into a frying pan together with the bacon bits and a little olive oil. Fry them together until the potatoes start to turn golden and then add the Spring onion and the peas.

Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and add a good squeeze of lemon juice. Continue frying until the potatoes are crispy and golden at the edges and then sprinkle generously with the finely chopped, mixed herbs, a little more pepper and toss to coat nicely before serving.


I would say that as far as food goes- this looks pretty irresistible! What do you say


Anyone for seconds?


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