Thursday, 22 May 2014

Avocado Pear-fect Pasta!

Pasta con Avocado, Ajvar Piccante & Ciliegini
Pasta with Avocado, Spicy Ajvar & Cherry Tomatoes

Lovely, creamy and versatile avocado! What a great ingredient, suitable for all kinds of great dishes, whether spiced-up and sassy or mild and sweet... It is something that most of us live to eat! Oh wow... And accidental rhyme- how cool!

This has been a little favorite ever since I first improvised it many a moon ago. I originally used Tabasco to add heat and spice, but decided to try a new version this evening with spicy Ajvar for a change... and I have to say, it was totally delicious!

Just a take a look at that! So much richness and flavor in there, so quick and easy to make and so healthy too! Go grab your pots and pans and I will show you how to make this great sauce in just the time it takes for your pasta to boil!

All you need to make a great sauce for 2 portions of pasta are: an avocado, a Spring onion, parsley, cherry tomatoes, about a tablespoon of Ajvar, a little nutmeg, milk, fresh basil and around your pasta of choice- in this case I used fusilli.

The result is rich, spicy, creamy and mild at the same time... But with no cream in it, and just a dash of olive oil, it is actually a much lighter dish than it may seem! And for sure it is one you are going to enjoy!


Start off by finely slicing the Spring onion and by cutting the avocado into small cubes. The best way to do this is right in the shell and then to pop them out, as you can see in the picture... Saves getting your hands and you chopping board very messy!

Make sure to add the stalks of the parsley too when you prepare this dish... They are packed with good flavor!

Whilst your water is boiling for your pasta, start off by browning-off the onion, avocado and parsley in just a light drizzle of olive oil.

Once everything is nicely browned, add the Ajvar... Mine was a hot and spicy one, so just a tablespoon was plenty, but you might want to add more... It all depends on your taste! as I already mentioned, in my old recipe I used to use Tabasco... It is all up to you, folks!

Make sure to stir the Ajvar in and to let it fry a little... Those are all good favors you are building up in your pan, even if you can't see them... You will taste them later for sure!

Now, add milk, salt, pepper and plenty of nutmeg and gently stir everything together. The avocado will slowly start to soften and thicken the milk... And the whole thing will begin to transform...

... and before you know it, your pasta will have boiled and your sauce will look something like this! And the smell will be divine! This is great, simple cooking going on here... You're going to have fun!

Drain the pasta and stir it right into the sauce... You will find that no matter how well you drained your pasta, it will still "water-down" the sauce a little... That's fine! There is a little starch in that water and it will just go to further enrich your sauce and to coat your pasta nicely... You'll see!

About 2-3 minutes of gentle stirring later, your pasta dish will be ready to serve! Get it onto a plate and get it straight onto your table and enjoy! I promise you, you will!

Scatter with finely sliced basil, a little more pepper and just a little grated, salted ricotta cheese and enjoy!

Up close and delicious!


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