Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shooting Star

Pasticcino di Pera, Melograna & Pistacchi
Pear, Pomegranate and Pistacchio Tarte

The whole world knows that I can't bake... and what of it? I can't be expected to be able to do everything! And even if I can't bake... I still manage to come up with simple and delicious ideas like this one!

So basically I had 2 thoughts in my head. I wanted to make a light, flaky, crispy pastry and I wanted to have a fruity and seasonal filling. I got a couple of wonderful local pears on the market yesterday and an absolutely gigantic pomegranate. So that much was clear... now how to put the thing together...

I first thought of making a traditional pie, with a lid, but then came up with the idea of simply placing 2 squares of pastry (yes of course it is the refrigerated pre-made stuff!), on top of each other to form the star shape. Then I sliced the pear very thinly and laid it decoratively on top. I gave it a dusting of regular granulated sugar and cinnamon and popped it into the pre-heated oven at around 150°C for 7-10 minutes- in which time it puffed up and became golden brown, the pear softened, the sugar melted and the natural juices came to the surface and caramelized a little... yum!

Once it had cooled off, I sprinkled it with Pomegranate seeds and dusted it with powdered sugar. The chopped pistachio was not just a treat for the eye, but for the tongue as well! The crunchy, nutty flavor and texture went so well with the fruitiness of the pear and pomegranate... and all in all it was a terrific combination! And SO easy!

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