Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Fig-Mint of the Imagination

Fichi con Brioche Croccante, Menta, Pinoli e Yogurt
Figs with Crunchy Brioche , Mint, Pine Nuts & Yogurt

Still room for a little dessert anybody? Oh, I understand- you are already full from your meal... that's the way it almost always is for me. But occasionally I will come up with a simple, fruit-based little dish that will turn even me on- and this is one of them...

The figs are coming-in late this year, and the ones we are receiving now are wonderful and sweet- they don't need any extra sugar and that is a GOOD thing. The only prep-work we have for this is chopping up some old brioche and toasting it with a handful of pine nuts in a dry pan. After about 3 minutes, add some finely chopped mint and continue stirring until everything is golden and brown.

Serve- up the figs on a bed of crumble, with a nice coating of plain yogurt and some extra mint leaves. The combination of fig, mint and yogurt is a wonderful thing- and together with the crunch of the pine nuts added, here is a dessert that has all of the flavor but nominal extra sweetness and almost no work involved...

 Now that's MY kinda dessert!

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