Friday, 6 March 2015

Let's Twist Again!

Treccie di Pizza con Salami di Tartufo, Peperone, Pomodorini & Ricotta Salata
Pizza Plaits with Truffel Salami, Red Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes & Salted Ricotta


If you have a roll of pizza dough in the fridge- it's time to get excited... because you too can make one of these wonderful, flavor-packed, twisted treats in next to no time!

And if you haven't- get your sneakers on and RUN to the supermarket and get some! You are going to want to try this... I know you are! I mean- who could possibly resist?!?!

Of course, you can use any kind of salami to make this... or any OTHER filling of course- bacon or ham, cheese or olives, or any other vegetables... but this evening, I decided to finally try out the truffel salami I bought a while back.

Well, it was a first time for me- and let me tell you- the flavor IS pretty terrific! Lovely and intense and perfect for this twisted little treat!


I ended up needing only a half of this small salami- and I know you hate hearing me say over and over again that sometimes less is more- but sometimes I am simply right!

So- you will need a little salami- just enough to cover your pizza dough (you will see in a while), 6-7 cherry tomatoes, a couple of Spring onions, 1 sweet red pepper- any kind that is mild-tasting (unless you like it hot), some fresh basil and thyme, a little salted Ricotta cheese and a little pepper. No- you do not need any salt with that salami and salty cheese! And I did without any added fat than the salami itself- so it was even halfway healthy!


One roll of dough was enough for 2 double-twisted little rolls- each about the size of a small sub-sandwich. A little more fun than a regular salami pizza, isn't it?


To make it, slice the salami as thinly as you possibly can, dice the pepper up finely and cut the cherry tomatoes and Spring onions into thin slices too. Turn on your oven to get it read- and pop a non-stick pan onto the stove top- we have no time to waste! Its time to start having fun making supper!


Pop the onion and pepper into a dry pan and give them a minute or two of heat- keep them moving and you will be fine. You just want to get them half-cooked and give them a head start. I definitely recommend doing it this way and not adding oil as you do not want the rolls to end up being greasy and soggy... trust me and you will be just fine!

Whilst the peppers and onions cool off, unroll the dough and lay out the salami and cherry tomato slices- as you can see- not too much of either!

Too much tomato will make the result soggy, too much salami too salty- but this way things will be perfectly balanced.

Also, remember to slice the salami thinly as you do want to be able to roll the dough up easily later.

Add plenty of basil and thyme and the peppers and onion as soon as they are cooled off.


Grate with salted Ricotta- but again- do not overdo it. If you are more of a cheese fanatic than I am and want to use more- then choose a different cheese that is less salty- but again- don't add too much! It will all spill out otherwise and you will NOT be happy about it!


And now, simply carefully roll of the dough as neatly and tightly as possible. Once you have rolled it all up, make sure the finished roll is packed tight and then cut it in half.


They look harmless enough, don't they? Always seems a pity to pull a knife on two such innocent little rolls of dough! But that's what you are going to do next!


Using a very sharp knife, cut the rolls clean through the middle length-ways, like so.


Carefully left one half of each roll and lay it on top of the other on a diagonal, then pinch the two ends together, squeezing the dough so that it pinches shut. It's actually easier than it looks.

Sprinkle with pepper and pop the finished twists into a hot oven, at 190°C for 20-25 minutes until baked-through and golden brown.


The first thing you will notice as they begin to bake is the wonderful aroma of the truffel- so rich and intoxicating! And the thing you will love the most about them when they finish baking will be the crispy, crunchy pieces of salami that get toasted on the outside... Mmm! Although- the rest is pretty amazing too!


So much color, flavor and fun- all from a roll of pre-made pizza dough and a few simple ingredients! I think you have a new favorite to serve up at parties from now on- just see if I am not right!

I think this picture says it all... this is a bread, pizza, snack... whatever you want to think of it as- but whilst being full of flavor, it is not excessive, is not too fatty and is still satisfying and delicious. Word.

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