Sunday, 8 March 2015

Easy as Breaking an Egg!

Panini Tostate con Uova Strappazzate alla Menta & Pomodorini
Toasted Rolls with Mint-Scrambled Eggs & Cherry Tomatoes


Sunday Morning, all is well in the world and you want to keep it that way by NOT stressing over breakfast! And yet, being the way we are, we want breakfast to still be something nice... and so... this!

Super-simple scrambled eggs, made special by adding mint and parsley, a little nutmeg and pepper... you will be surprised at what a huge and wonderful difference that will make!

Yes, yes, I know you have noticed that I made mine in this handy little pan that just happens to be the same size as my breakfast rolls were- but that is purely cosmetics... and everyone knows that beauty comes from what is on the INSIDE- even when it comes to food- or especially so... word!

So here we go- 2 eggs, 2 rolls of preference, 5-6 cherry tomatoes and some fresh mint and parsley. Salt, pepper, nutmeg, a splash of milk, a drop of olive oil... the end!

And who could possible want or need a sunnier or happier start to the day than this?


Crack the eggs into a bowl and add 2 half-shells of egg full of milk pro egg. Add the herbs in nice, large pieces- looks prettier and tastes better... as well as being les work than chopping, haha! Add salt, pepper and nutmeg and beat together with a fork.

In the meantime, pop the rolls under your grill to get them toasted and leave the grill on for a while once they are done...

I like to beat the eggs until quite fluffy, but not so much that all of the white is incorporated... that's just my preference, but I think they look nicer that way, plus you do get to taste the distinctive flavor of the egg whites, which is nice.


I used olive oil rather than butter- and that very sparingly! Now, as you know, let the egg set in the pan and then push it to one side to let the liquid egg flow into its place to set- do not scratch around with a fork or spoon- just let the egg do its own thing.


Once it is nearly set, pop the pan under the grill to finish the top- just for a minute or two. Add a little freshly ground pepper and you are good to go!


I added some cherry tomatoes to make things tastier, more colorful and juicier. Mae sure they get a little salt and pepper too before closing your sandwich.

And let me tell you- this is a most wonderful combination and a great way to start your day... I promise!

Feel like taking a bite? Haha- I don't blame you! Give them a try and see why I love them so much!

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