Saturday, 9 August 2014

Something to Sprout About!

Frittata Asiatica con Germogli di Soia, Pancetta & Zenzero
Asian Omelette with Bean Sprouts, Bacon & Ginger

As usual, something simple for supper this evening, making good use of the beansprouts I picked up at the Asian supermarket this afternoon. The old lady that was filling them into bags and setting them out on sale was so delightful and cheerful that i picked up a bag and popped them into my basket... without a clue what I was going to do with them! I had not been planning on taking them with me at all... but the thing is they ARE great- they are just always so puzzling to me when it comes to how to use them!

So I thought of doing this with them- I hope my Asian friends out there will excuse me for it! But it tasted mighty fine to me!

I didn't quite manage to fold it up the way I wanted to- and the bacon ended up peeping out, rather than everything being folded shut... but hey- there are worse things! And anyway- I think it looks much tastier this way!

To make an omelette like this you are going to need eggs, Spring onions, bean sprouts, ginger, cilantro and of course- yummy bacon! Just how much? Well, I am not going to get into it! it depends on the size of the eggs, how heavy handed you are with your filling... I am just going to say that I managed to make 2 omelettes using 3 eggs... and yes- the 3rd rasher of bacon got munched on as a little treat whilst I was working...

All sliced-up and ready to be enjoyed! This makes a great addition to any Asian meal- or can even be a light meal in itself, as it was this evening... it is quick and easy to make and although it is not a traditional Asian dish- it's not half bad considering I made it up!


 I started off by chopping about 2" of ginger into the finest little sticks I could and popping them into a non-stick pan with the bacon, so that they could both brown and get crispy together.

After just 2-3 minutes- voila! Needless to say- Delicious! But there you go... I just said it anyway!

Next, pop your eggs into a bowl with half of the finely sliced Spring onions, a little salt and pepper and give them a good stir- no need to fuss with a whisk and all, just use a fork, that will be fine.

Make sure everything is evenly mixed and you can already turn on the heat- you will soon be ready to get going!

Whilst you frying pan gets hot, mix your bean sprouts together with more of the Spring onion, plenty of cilantro and a pinch of salt- stir it through and let the fun begin!

Pour out enough of the omelette batter into the pan to cover the base, turn up the heat and as soon as it starts to set, lay out a little handful of the bean sprout, cilantro and onion mix.

Add the bacon rasher and ginger and then fold the omelette shut from all four sides... try not to over-fill the omelette, which is sadly what I did, because then you will not be able to fold the omelette together so that the ends fold over and conceal all of the filling... Oh well! I carried on regardless- and so must you! It will taste fantastic irrespective of how it looks because what is inside has so much flavor and works so well together.

Fold it shut as best you can, set a plate on top of it and flip your pan over, then return the omelette to get nice and brown from the other side too.

And there you have it! A lovely little parcel of flavor! And it doesn't look all THAT bad after all now, does it? ;-)

I added a sprinkle of raw onion, some fresh cilantro and a light drizzle of Hoisin sauce for added seasoning and Sriracha for a blast of heat... and I can tell you the combination was pretty fantastic!

Cut it into slices with a nice, sharp knife to make it easier to share and to pick up with your chopsticks (haha!) and enjoy!


Packed with yummy bean sprouts... and of course- bacon!

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