Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Prickly Pear-fection!

Fichi d'India!
Cactus Fruit!


With a flavor that is similar to watermelon- but also, obviously distinctly of its own, the cactus fruit is wonderful and delicious... as long as you don't mind the numerous, hard seeds, which you simply HAVE TO swallow and be done with. Which is no big deal!

But you do also have to avoid those thorns! Not only the larger, visible ones, but also the many, many, tiny and almost invisible ones! You certainly have to handle these things with care!


I can't get over how beautiful these fruits are- the colors are simply amazing... and even more so on the inside!

Perfect refreshment on a hot Summer's day!


So- this is how I peeled them- without wearing gloves- although that definitely is not a bad idea!

Carefully take the cactus fruit and set it onto your cutting board. Hold it down with 2 fingers, making sure only to touch the smooth area and cut away the top and the base.


Now you have a flat surface to stand the fruits up on, so that they will stay put whilst you work and also, so that you have some safe area that you can touch!

Now you can simply cut away the skin in slices all the way around... simple- it just takes a little care!


Now- don't they look a lot more harmless and inviting once you have got rid of that spikey skin? You betcha!


Slice 'em or dice 'em- but whatever you do- enjoy them! This for me is one of the most typical and wonderful flavors of a Southern Italian Summer!


Those colors! Amazing! No wonder Mother Nature decided it needed to protect these beauties with those dangerous spikes!


But they could keep me away! ;-)

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