Friday, 8 August 2014

Roll Out the Avocado's!

Bruschette con Avocado, Ajvar & Mozzarella
Bruschette with Avocado, Ajvar & Mozzarella

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes, like today, as I wasn't feeling so well I was also not in the mood to do too much "work" in the kitchen. But I hadn't eaten all day and I was hungry- and still in the mood for something that would be a real treat...

May I present the solution?
Oh- sorry- of course I already did when I posted these pictures! You can bet I felt a good bit better after this substantial and tasty snack!
Talk about a treat! :-)

Looks pretty decadent, looks pretty amazing, looks pretty delicious and is all of that and more! It is easy, inexpensive, healthy and fun too!

This was basically an emergency meal- made from 2 pre-packed rye bread rolls, 1 avocado, 1 ball of mozzarella, some Ajvar, basil and marjoram, I had loads of flavor, plenty of nutrition and very little work to do- all good news!


These would make a great lunch, or excellent party snacks and make a great change to delicious, traditional tomato bruschetta... but these are much more of a meal then they are with all of this goodness going-on, on top!

Ok- how to make these little things of beauty. Pop a frying pan or griddle on to your stove top, get it hot and brown off your bread, slices or rolls, until it gets nice and dark brown and a little scorched... there is a reason that this is called "bruschetta" after all

In the meantime, cut the avocado in half, discard the stone and scoop out the flesh using a spoon... simple!

Cut the avocado into quarters and then cut each quarter into 3 nice slices. Cut the mozzarella into 8 slices and treat yourself to the end pieces as a snack whilst you work- you deserve it!

Grab your herbs, grab a knife and prepare to have fun!


Lets get these fellows nicely dressed- they look so... naked! That simply will not do! This is a family website!

First- the Ajvar... not too much, this will taste better if the flavors are balanced- also, I hate it when rolls or burgers are filled so much that they do not fit into your mouth any more to eat them! That is not my style at all! I am posting a picture at the end as proof that mine were indeed bite-able- haha!

Next- a hint of fresh basil tastes great on this... so I add it first, so that it stays put!


Same with the mozzarella- you want it to stay put, so set it on top, and set it to one side, so that you can see a bit of each color of each ingredient... make those things pretty!

And of course, the heroes of this yummy snack- the avocado's! And don't those scorched little rye buns look a lot nicer now they are all dressed-up? You betcha! But we can do better...

So far, you have only the tangy pepper-taste of the Ajvar and the natural flavors of the ingredients.. now it's time to season with some coarse sea salt, plenty of ground pepper and a generous scatter of fresh marjoram!

And just to make them super-delicious... a light trickle of olive oil... Sorry- did you just say OMG yum!? Or was that me?

Evidence. Fit's into your mouth wonderfully! Makes those taste-buds tingle and lifts the corners of your mouth into a smile... or a big grin! :-D  Now go make some and enjoy!

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