Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mixicilian Morning Madness!

Tortilla con Uova Strappazzate alla Siciliana
Breakfast Tortilla's with Sicilian-Styled Scrambled Eggs


Tortilla and eggs for breakfast? Sure! Mexican, right? Wrong! Not if this-here Siciliano is in da house! And especially not, if he has no bread in da house to make his favorite breakfast of savory "French-toast", made with mint and sun-dried tomatoes, just like Mamma used to make!

It is the flavor combination of egg, with mint and sun-dried tomato that I love and that I often use in my dishes- it is one of the things that reminds me of my childhood and the happy days when my mother would fry-up the left-over stale bread for us 9 kids- in a way that not only "made ends meet", but also guaranteed smiles and happy faces for all!


Obviously, nothing can be as wonderful as what my mother used to make- but this is a close second-best and it has another advantage, in that there is a lot less fat involved and still has a very similar flavor...


I decided to try something a little different out and added a couple of extra ingredients to make my breakfast this morning. To make 2 tortillas, I needed 3 eggs, 5-6 sun-dried tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of fresh ricotta, mint, and parsley. And of course- 2 tortillas!


Quick, easy and light are three further words tat can be used to describe this breakfast... and as if that wasn't incentive enough to get you running for your frying pans, if you stick around, I will show you how to do it... then there will be no excuses at all!


First of all- a little chopping! Nothing better to get you wide awake in the morning than that, right?


Next, stir the finely chopped parsley into the ricotta cheese and season with a tiny pinch of salt.


Now, crack the eggs into a bowl, add a splash of milk, the finely chopped mint, plenty of pepper and nutmeg- but no salt! The sun-dried tomatoes will add all of the seasoning we need, soon enough.


So- time to scramble those eggs! Heat up a small frying pan, add a pat of butter and whilst it melts, beat the eggs, mint, herbs and spices together with a fork. Pour into the hot pan and as soon as the base begins set, gently push it back using your spatula so that it begins to fold-over on itself. At this point you can begin to sprinkle on the sun-dried tomato slices...


 ... and as the scramble begins to take form, you can continue to sprinkle on the sun-dried tomato slices- which, when added this way, become nicely and evenly spread throughout the eggs, rather than all sinking together into one big clump! Continue gently folding until everything comes together.


After 3-4 minutes, the eggs will look like this and that is just perfect as they will continue cooking IN the tortilla as well and you do not want them to dry out and become over-cooked.


Next, take your tortilla, spread it with the parsley and pepper flavored ricotta and top with the scrambled eggs. Pop this into a larger, dry frying pan and turn the heat up high...


...and soon enough, the tortilla will become nice and soft and easy to fold over. Allow to toast in the hot frying pan for a further minute or so...


 ...and then gently turn the tortilla over, to get the top nice and toasted before serving!


Couldn't be easier and could hardly be tastier either!


With all of that tasty goodness inside and with just 10 minutes or so to make- what's not to like? A new breakfast favorite and a great start to the day!

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