Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Greek Rarebit

Panino "Greco" con Feta, Olive, Capperi, Pancetta, Uovo & Rosmarino
"Greek Rarebit"  with Feta Cheese, Olives, Capers, Bacon, Egg & Rosemary


Ok People- it doesn't happen often, but this evening was one of those rare occasions that i really didn't want to be fussing around in the kitchen. I got home late, I got home hungry, I got home feeling even a little "cranky" and more to the point... I got home without having any idea of what to make for dinner!

But before I started getting worked-up about it, I just kicked into auto-pilot mode and got busy making something from nothing, using the bits and pieces I had in the cupboard and in the fridge... and voila! A new invention and a quick and delicious one at that!


Armed with a pack of "emergency" rye bread rolls, the left-over Feta cheese from the other night and a few bits and pieces, I decided to put together a little topping and to simply toast them in the oven... knowing full-well that they needn't end up tasting "simple" and that I could make something much more delicious out of them...


So I created a topping made using egg and cheese- which made it into a "Welsh Rarebit" of sorts- especially with the bacon and onion in there... but then I added olives, capers and rosemary- and of course, having used Feta cheese in the mix... it made this into something that was much more Greek than Welsh!


Well of course I took a huge bite out of it! Wouldn't you have too? I think so! And I think I should tell you how I made these so that you can go ahead and make them yourselves!


This is so simple to make... Just chop the Spring inion up finely, crumble the cheese and chop of the olives...

In a small frying pan, give the bacon and onion a little toss together for 3-4 minutes... In the meantime, you can toast the bottoms of the bread rolls in the oven, ready to be topped in just a few, short minutes!


Add the bacon and onion to the cheese, egg and herb mixture and stir everything together well.


Once everything is thoroughly mixed together, you are ready to top those rolls and to get them toasting away!


Add a generous amount of topping to each roll and bake them first in a very hot oven for a couple of minutes, to get the cheese melting and the egg cooking and then turn on the broiler to get them nice and brown on top.


And just 5,6,7 minutes later, depending on your oven... you will be looking at some incredible delicious snacks like these!


Perfect snacks for a lazy night-in... But also delicious enough to serve to guests at a party, I'd say! Sometimes you really do not need to go to a lot of trouble, to whip up something that is a whole lot of delicious!


Pretty as a picture! Almost like a Greek landscape... Haha!


So make sure to make plenty of them... because they will be gone much quicker than you think!


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