Saturday, 24 March 2012

Super Lightweight

Insalata di Bresaola, Finocchio, Cetriolo e Mirtilli
Bresaola, Fennel, Cucumber and Blueberry Salad

This tasty and delicious appetizer would be a great way to begin many a wonderful meal.

I found the combination of flavors to be refreshing and light and perfect for a Spring or Summer menu- the combination of fruit, vegetables and the paper-thin cured beef was just plain yummy!

What makes it so nice is indeed the thinness of the slices- and that is the only difficulty involved in this- meaning it is not difficult to make at all!

So- the only thing that needs to be prepared here is a little seasoned salt, which I will quickly describe again for those of you not yet familiar with the way I make it. You can use any number of combinations of ingredients, but today, I used coarse sea salt together with lemon zest, basil, chili, lavender, Sichuan pepper and a little rosemary. I also added maybe a 3rd of the amount of sugar as I had salt in the mix. I ground it all together with a mortar and pestle, until the herbs and spices and the zest had infused their flavors into the salt... and this was to be my seasoning for the salad.

I sliced all of the ingredients as thinly as I could- the bresaola is always sliced paper thin and arranged them decoratively on my plate. I sprinkled everything lightly with the flavored salt and then added a few blueberries and a little delicate paper-thin shaved salted ricotta. I added a few of the fennel greens and a tender celery leaf as a garnish - the dressing was a simple, good olive oil and a light squeeze of lemon juice... and that was it! All of the other flavors are in that wonderful salt- so enjoy!

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