Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Souper Noodles!

Zuppa di Vermicelli Asiatiche con Straccetti di Manzo e Verdure Miste
Beef & Vegetable Ramen Noodles

Quick, easy and always satisfying, a hot bowl of Ramen noodles always does the trick! And yes, of course there are lots of instant noodle snacks out there, that need no more than boiling water to be poured over them and for you to wait for 5 minutes. And yes I know that they do actually taste pretty good. But in just 15 minutes more time and with very little effort, you can have a bowl of noodles like these and a much more satisfying meal...

This may not be an authentic preparation for a ramen dish, but trust me, it delivers and it is easy and it is healthy to boot. Take a look and see just how easy it actually is- and enjoy!

Basically, all that you need to make a tasty noodle soup is a good broth. Well, using the traditional basics of carrot, onion and celery and adding some Asian herbs and spices and of course the flavorful beef, that is hardly what I would call a challenge!

I started by frying the beef strips at a high heat in a little sesame oil. Whilst it was frying, I chopped some garlic, galangal, red chili pepper, lime and coriander up finely and then ground them together into a paste in my mortar and pestle. I then added the paste to the meat and deglazed the saucepan with a little boiling water. Next came celery, red peppers and carrot, which I cut into thin strips of around 2" in length. I topped up the water and reduced the heat to a gentle simmer.

Next, I ground up a tablespoon of salted peanuts and added them to the broth, along with the noodles. I seasoned with a little fish sauce, some light soy sauce, the juice of half a lime and a little sesame oil. I added a little very finely chopped spring onion and  I let the noodles cook for 4-5 minutes and then turned off the heat and allowed them to sit and rest to 2-3 minutes longer. But you can rest assured that 2-3 minutes after that I was settled down, sprinkling a few salted peanuts and a few salted peanuts as a finishing touch and enjoying my steaming bowl of noodles! Souper!

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