Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Mad Scramble

Uovo Strappazato con Bavaria Blu, Spinaci e Pumpernickel
Bavaria Blue Cheese Egg "Fold-overs" On Spinach & Pumpernickel

Yes you're right and no, it's not just scrambled egg. Well, it is and it isn't. And it is something I ended up making by accident but which was better than what I had intended in the first place. Life is strange like that sometimes.

I had seen some high-flying Italian cook on tv, deep-frying egg yolks which he had coated in breadcrumbs. Lovely and crispy and light on the outside and creamy and smooth and liquid on the inside. And yes you are right again- that does sound really clever and also delicious... but also very pretentious and more trouble than it's worth! Also- very tricky to make!!! So after my second failed attempt, I switched to Plan B and got it right first time!

Plan B was to make something similar to a Chinese or Japanese egg roll- where you pour a little beaten egg into the frying pan and then fold it over as it sets, pus it to one side of the pan, add more beaten egg and roll the first roll into it and build the roll up in many more layers. Much easier than the egg yolk idea- but I had a little idea of my own  hatching, even as I beat the eggs...

Cut the blue cheese into chunks and have it close at hand. Pour a little beaten egg into a hot, non-stick pan and drop a piece of cheese into the center. As the egg sets, fold it over the cheese and roll it over to make it set and enclose the cheese. Simple idea- and so much fun to eat! Fry the egg for only 1-2 minutes at the most and keep the heat moderate so as not to dry these yummy little "parcels out.

As you can see, I served mine up either set on top of some sautéed spinach, seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg and set on a slice of dark, rich Pumpernickel bread, or alternatively, pop everything into a little glass so that you can enjoy spooning this great combination of flavors up as you go... either way, with a dash of Ajvar, this makes for a quick, delicious alternative breakfast!

Hope you enjoy!

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