Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Height of Good Taste

Fragola & Kiwi in Fette, con Yogurt alla Menta e Mirtilli
Strawberry and Kiwi, with Blueberries and Minted Yogurt

Oh my, we are beginning to get fresh strawberries here! Lovely, big, juicy and wonderful ones- at least the ones I got today were! They were almost a big as kiwi fruit! I was just planning on chopping up some mixed fruit and adding it to my yogurt as usual- but then I decided to get a little playful and have a little fun at the same time...

One other thing that I love in combination with fruit is fresh mint. It always compliments and intensifies the fruits natural flavors... so of course, the combination of fruit, mint and yogurt could only be a good thing. And how!

This is not even remotely close to being anything that could be described as a recipe- but it makes for a jolly-delicious and healthy dessert! The only thing that needed any preparation was the yogurt- and that was simply flavored with mint syrup, straight from the bottle. There- I have admitted it! And of course you can also use fresh mint, as I often do for savory dishes, I just find the smoother consistency more pleasing in a sweet dish. I added a hint of Stevia to make the yogurt sweet enough to be used as a sauce- but you don't really need to add that much as the syrup itself is already sweetened.

I cut the strawberry and kiwi in slices and reassembled them in alternating layers. I didn't sweeten mine at all, but you could always sprinkle the fruit slices lightly with sugar and let them marinate for a little while- but the sugar will draw out the natural juices of the fruits and it will look a little "slimier" that way... and obviously, I wanted to have a pretty picture to show you!

I added a few blueberries for a bit of variety and dressed all with a light drizzle of the sweetened, minty yogurt... and the combination was delicious! And SO simple!

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