Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mint-Chocolate Pearfection!

Soufflé di Avocado con Gusto di Cioccolato e Menta
Chocolate and Mint Flavored Avocado Soufflé

Ok my friends- get your ovens turned on and warming up, start boiling a little water, grab yourselves and avocado pear, an egg, some bitter cocoa powder and some mint flavored syrup and let's make ourselves a wonderful little dessert!

Oh, I know- soufflé's are so daunting and difficult you say- but no, say I! I tried this out- it was purely intuition, but my intuition usually serves me pretty well in the kitchen- and I am sure that the photo's speak for themselves and show how light and fluffy this turned out. And no- it did not simply collapse, but was nice and rich and firm on the outside, whilst being creamy and silky smooth on the inside... mmm! And this is how I did it!

Cut your avocado in two, remove the stone, scoop out the soft, tender fruit, chop it up a little and sprinkle with a hint of lime juice. Ok- now you have your avocado prepared and safe from going off color. Next, separate an egg- put the egg white into one bowl and add the yolk to the avocado in another one. Sweeten each bowl with a half teaspoon of stevia. Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla custard powder to the yolk along with 1 tablespoon of baking powder and 2 tablespoons of mint syrup. I used the kind of mint syrup that you can use in cocktails- but if you are making this for adults, you could also use Creme de Menthe. That's really all of the prep work done- now it's time to have some fun and put this all together!

First of all, whisk the egg white, adding a pinch of salt, until it is firm and fluffy. Next, whisk the avocado and egg yolk until it becomes creamy and smooth and incorporates the custard, baking powder and mint syrup.

Now split the avocado cream into 2 portions and add 2 tablespoons of bitter cocoa powder to one. Whisk it in well until it becomes sooth and dark brown and chocolaty- mmm! Now add half each of the fluffy egg whites to each bowl and whisk it in lightly.

Next, take the ramekin you are going to use and set a metal ring into the middle and fill with the green mix. Fill the space around the outside of the ring with the chocolate mix and swirl it around evenly. Now remove the middle ring and ta-da! You have 2 flavors in one! Pretty cool and very easy!

So- now it is time to pour the water that you boiled into a shallow try and to lay a piece of kitchen town down in it. Place your ramekin on top and pop it into your hot oven for 15-20 minutes. The paper towel stops the ramekin from rattling around whilst the water below boils- and the steam that the water produces, helps the soufflé to rise- as of course does the egg white and the baking powder!

Normally you might add a little flour to give added stability, so that the souffle does not fall- but in this case, we have a.) the avocado itself which has a thick and creamy consistency and b.) the powdered custard mix and the baking powder.

And there you go- 20 minutes later you have this firm on the outside but so fluffy and creamy on the inside delight! I was thrilled with the result and hope that you will be too!

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