Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tangerine Dream

Budino di Pannetone al Zenzero con Mandarini, Miele, Mandorle é Cointreau
Tangerine and Ginger Bread Pudding with Cointreau , Honey and Almonds

Ok- here's another fool-proof, knock 'em dead dessert for the cooler time of the year- it doesn't always have to be complicated, pretty or time-consuming in order to be delicious after all! I made this out of some left over pound cake that I bought at the market hall yesterday; a Madeira-styled loaf of malty yummy-ness. Only I turned it into something yummier still!

I cut off a couple of slices of cake and crumbled them up into large-ish chunks. I toasted them lightly in a dry pan- the sugar in the cake makes for a nice, light crust on the outside if you are patient- so be patient! I set the lightly browned cake to one side and then I grated a little ginger into the pan, some cinnamon, a little ground star anise and then poured in some plain old milk and let it simmer and take in all of those flavors.

I then layered cake and tangerine segments in a small oven-proof dish, pressing down firmly on it so that the cake and tangerine get a little squashed the the cake soaks up the juice. Then pour the hot, spicy, flavored milk over the cake... just enough so that it becomes moist. Sprinkle with Cointreau, a few slivers of almond and a light drizzle of honey and bake in a pre heated oven at a moderate heat for 10-15 minutes. During that time, the tangerine segments and the cake that are at the bottom of the dish will dissolve together and become a creamy, tangy, marmalade-y and spicy layer of yumminess, whilst the top layer dries out and becomes lightly crispy again... mmmm!

Apart from the fact that I live alone and would never make more than one portion for myself, in retrospect, making a large baking tray full of this and then serving single scoops would be a better idea. Because then you could serve it on a small plate or bowl and maybe have enough room for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it! Of course- that may send you into a calorie coma... but what a way to go!



  1. Auch wenn du immer einfache Gerichte kochst (sagst du ja immer), sehen deine Fotos immer aus, wie aus einem Nobelkochbuch oder einer edlen und hochwertigen Food-Zeitschrift. Danke dafür.

  2. Vielen, vielen Dank liebe Sandra!!!