Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Heat for My Sweet

Zuppa di Patate Dolci & Pepe Rossi con Germogli di Barbabietola Rossa
Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup with Beetroot Sprouts 

This is a nice, simple, ultra quick and super-yummy sweet potato soup recipe! Are you ready for it? Cool! Then I'll tell you how I made it if you have a couple of minutes time to read this. And the cool thing is- it will hardly take you that much longer to make this than it will to read it!

I started off with the half sweet potato that I had left over from the other night, which I grated finely and sautéed with some onion, garlic and some finely chopped celery leaf. I added a little caraway seed and a bay leaf, deglazed the saucepan with a splash of white wine and a cupful of broth and put on a gentle simmer.

Then I chopped half of a red bell pepper into a fine dice and added that. I seasoned with salt, pepper and a little cayenne and kept on a steady rolling boil. Keep stirring, and you will find that not only does the sweet potato cook really quickly, but also that it becomes soft and smooth with very little effort... which is fine by me!

After 10-15 Minutes total cooking time, the potatoes should have become a lovely, smooth consistency. Add a splash of milk and stir it in vigorously- who needs fatty cream? With an extra sprinkle of nutmeg, the milk makes the soup milder and gives it more body, without making it heavy and overpowering.

I served it up with a remainder of beetroot sprouts from the other night and a sprinkle of caraway seeds and fiery chili/pepper- a perfect combination!

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