Saturday, 26 November 2011


Zuppa di Broccoli & Zenzero, con Crema di Latte, Patate + Sansho
Broccoli and Ginger Soup with Potato, Milk and Sansho Cream

Now that's a weird cup of coffee for ya! This was another of those very easy, very quick and very rewarding dishes... I hoe you will try it yourselves some time!

I started out this tasty little soup, with a chunk of broccoli, which I trimmed down into smaller pieces. I wanted this soup to be a quick and easy one for a number of reasons- one of them being that I wanted it to look great and maintain the great color that broccoli has when it is raw. And by Jove I did!

I then sautéed in a small saucepan, onion, celery and carrot- my base for most soups and especially anything vegetable. I then added garlic and ginger, a little 5-spice powder and a little chili. I also boiled a couple of small-ish potatoes with the broccoli- but we will get around that soon enough...

After boiling gently for 5-6 minutes, you can already pour everything, including one of the potatoes, into a blender and give it a whizz! The potato will help to "stabilize" the soup and thicken it nicely.

For the cream topping, I boiled milk and added the other potato. mashed it down and frothed it up with a hand-held mixer with a hint of Sansho powder. When I say "a hint", I mean literally around a quarter of a teaspoon at the most! I added a little salt and pepper and that was all there was to it- Pretty simple I'd say!

Serve layered in a a "latte macchiato" type glass, with a drop of sesame oil to the milk and potato froth and a garnish of chili threads... who said you are not allowed to play with your food?

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