Saturday, 20 June 2015

Wild Thing!

Insalata Selvatica Semplice
Simple Wild Salad Bouquet


A simple salad made of a great assortment of greens from local gardens here in Frankfurt? Oh, sorry! Did I just say greens? I think there are leaves in here of every color!

What made it special, apart from how pretty it looked, was the mixture... Which I plainly can not take credit for!

And it was such a great blend that I kept the dressing simple to let all of the individual flavors shine through.


There was lots of chervil and horrid he in the mix, nasturtium and cress, portulac and beet leaves... And those couple of edible blossoms... A delight for the eyes as well as the palate of course!


I made a classic oil, vinegar, honey and oregano Italian dressing, which I simply stirred together in my salad bowl, seasoned with salt and pepper.

I added the salad, stirred it through till is was all nicely, lightly coated... And voila! A plateful of summer!

And the moral here, in this little story without a recipe?

Buy some nice ingredients... Don't ruin them... And you will not NEED a recipe at all!

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