Sunday, 21 June 2015

Oodles of Noodles!

Tagliatelle Asiatiche Semplice, con Gamberi & Peperone Dolce
Simple Shrimp & Sweet Red Pepper Ramen


I love ramen as much as everyone else in the whole universe does... Just please don't call them "ramen noodles" or I will go crazy! The word "ramen" simply means "noodles"... And I sometimes wouldn't mind a second portion of them... But please don't call them "noodle noodles"- that's just too silly!

And also, if you want to have a good bowlful of delicious and tasty food, try to resist buying those MSG-packed ready dishes! Probably, sadly enough, you will find the same problem with carry-out noodles.

Want to know how to make them, so that they are PACKED with flavor, but all natural and healthy? I thought you might! Then tag along and follow my lead!


There is one simple thing, not even a trick really, that you may not be doing when you cook shrimp for rice or noodle dishes, which will instantly elevate the flavor without you using any artificial flavoring so... The secret is right there in the shrimp themselves.

And if any of you out there already can guess what I am talking about... Sssh!!! Hang on for a few minutes and don't ruin it for the others! (Or for me- hehe!)


So, here are, as usual, my super-reduced and simple ingredients for you wink emoticon - in this case, for one generous, full-meal sized serving: 1 portion of noodles, 1 sweet red pepper, 1 spring onion, 6-7 shrimp, a little fresh ginger, a little fresh cilantro, sesame oil, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, chili flakes and lime juice... That's all you need!


I am sure that from this picture, you can get a very clear impression of just how delicious this admittedly simple dish was... And isn't that great? Keep it simple, keep it healthy and enjoy!


You can see the whole "secret" to making your shrimp dishes delicious right here... It's the shells! Clean your shrimp, remove the heads (you may want to do that under a running tap with these larger fellows... As they tend to have quite a bit of "gunk" which can seep out all over your hands... which is pretty icky!). Then rinse the shells too and set them to one side. You can remove the intestines by simply piercing the shrimp with a sharp knife, lifting beneath the black intestine so that you can pinch it between the knife and your thumb and then gently pull it out.

Otherwise, all you need to do apart from that by way of preparation, is to cut 4-5 slices from the ginger, to cut the pepper into smallish bite-sized pieces and to finely chop the onion.

Fry the shrimp shells and heads, along with the ginger, with plenty of black pepper, in a little sesame oil until they become bright red and start to become crispy.


Deglaze with boiling water, enough to boil your noodles in... You have just created, as if by magic, a very potent broth to pack them with flavor... Simple! Add a tablespoon of soy sauce and you are ready to go!


Simply pour the broth through a sieve into a smaller saucepan- this is all very easy stuff.


And in go the noodles for 5 minutes or so on a gelle simmer... Time enough to prepare the other ingredients!


Fry the pepper in a little sesame oil for 2-3 minutes before adding the shrimp, onion and the stalks of the coriander. Season with chili flakes or pepper according to your taste.


As soon as the shrimp have turned pink, season with soy sauce, add the juice of half a lime, a last drop or two of sesame oil... And prepare to serve!

Garnish with fresh cilantro, a few more of the onion greens, a drizzle of hoisin sauce and a sprinkle of toasted sesame to make them absolutely irresistible!

All you need to do then, is simply NOT to resist... And simply to enjoy!

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