Friday, 19 June 2015

Punjab Pizza Party Pieces

Stuzzichini di Zucchine "Tandoori"
Tandoori Zucchini Pizza Snacks

You may want to prepare some little snacks for a party... You may just be feeling tired after work and not in the mood to do any "real" cooking... You may be neither of those things... But you may well want to try making some of these all the same!

I had bought the zucchini... But didn't really have a plan as to what I was going to make with them... And somehow, at the end of the week, they were still there waiting for me to think of something! They were screaming for it! And... Well... They got their just rewards... And so did I!


Armed with my ever-present roll of pizza dough, which I always keep in the fridge for emergencies... And though it wasn't really an emergency this evening, it helped me make something easy and quick and delicious that put a great big smile on my face and some good food in my tummy.


Apart from a roll of pizza dough, the only other ingredients I needed were 2 zucchini, 2 spring onions, a little fresh ginger, a little fresh parsley, salt, pepper and of course- tandoori powder!


Sure they're simple, but these are the kinds of snacks that you get offered with your drinks in Italy, especially in Sicily... Stuzzichini, little nibbles, usually made of pizza dough or puff-pastry with savory fillings to make those cocktails taste extra good!

So I decided to do a little something different to delight and titilate the taste buds of my friends down south... Because I know that they'd be thrilled to try something new!

And I think that maybe you will be too?!


These great, savory snacks could not be easier to make! Simply slice up the zucchini very finely... And sure, if you do not have my epic, ninja knife-skills, you can use some fans gadget if you have one- hehe! Chop the onions up finely and the ginger finer still. Just an inch or so will be enough.


Simply sauté the zucchini slices with the ginger and onion, in a little olive oil and season simply with salt and pepper.


Once the zucchini begins to soften, the onion has become translucent and the ginger has begun to brown, add the tandoori powder, a good tablespoonful, and a good pinch of chopped parsley.

Stir together well, remove from the heat and allow to cool. Whilst it cools, the zucchini will give off steam and juices, which will in turn be soaked up by the spices and which then in turn becomes a richer "marinade" still for the modest and relatively neutral tasting zucchini.

Cut the dough into strips of around 4" and spoon plenty of the zucchini not filling along the center. Fold the dough shut, sealing everything in... And not worrying about how it looks... Because as soon as it is shut, you are going to roll the tube over so that the sealed edge is underneath.

Ginger, onion, spice, salt and pepper... All you need to make sure that the meek and mild zucchini becomes brash and bold in its flavor... And so delicious!


You will find that the dough will stretch a little when you roll it over... And that's fine! A longer roll will gives more individual little bite-sized snacks!

Cut into pieces of around 2" length and then make 1 sharp cut into the top of the dough... Which will make it both look tidier and also allow for steam to escape so that the dough does not become soggy from the juices... A good indeed in every way!

Brush lightly with olive oil, add a sprinkle of course sea salt and bake in a very hot, pre heated oven at the highest setting for 10-15 minutes.

Once they are a lovely, rich, golden brown, get ready to grab a drink, kick back, relax... And enjoy! Your work is done and the party can now finally get started! Gin and tonic to go with these, anyone?

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