Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sweet, Sicilian Sunshine!

Ricotta Fresca con Pesca, Mirtilli & Cioccolato di Modica
Fresh Ricotta with Peach, Blueberries & Modican Chocolate

Ok, there is plainly no recipe here... But there is absolute delight in every bite and that is for sure!

As with the previous dish, with the zucchini and bacon, with tomato and herbs... The ingredients themselves were so tasty there was precious little that needed doing to make them work well together.

Wel, just look at these beauties! Need I say more!?!


There is only one ingredient here that you are probably not familiar with and that is this particular kind of chocolate, from the beautiful little town of Modica in Sicily.

Obviously, you can use any chocolate that the like or that you have at home... And it will all be delicious... But this stuff is just sooo different!

The traditional chocolate of Modica is made in many flavors, but it is always a little crumbly and crystalline compared to the smooth and creamy chocolate that most of us are familiar with. And this may cause a hint of irritation at first as you most probably have the same preconceptions about how chocolate should taste that I guess we all have. But as soon as that crumbly chocolate melts on your tongue and your taste buds start to register the richness that lies within... You will be hooked! Just like I was... And still am!


1 peach, 1 heaped tablespoon of ricotta, 1 handful of blueberries, a sprinkle of crumbled chocolate and a leaf or three of mint... What's not to like about that? Basically, al you need to do is to serve them decoratively and enjoy!


Plainly, I was thinking optically about how pretty this would look and obviously, knowing that each ingredient tasted wonderful by itself, I was pretty sure it would be fine... But surprisingly, the combination of those 4 ingredients was quite a revelation!


Scoop up some chocolate and berries on the ricotta, stab a slice of peach and maybe even a leaf of mint... And be knocked of your little feet at how good something so simple can taste! Why in earth go to the trouble to cook or bake or work harder to make a summer dessert? This dish is summer on a plate! But absolutely!


And it was every last bit as delicious and good as it looks! Word!

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