Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Totally Corny!

Mais, Grigliata nella Buccia, con Sriracha, Limone & Huacatay

Corn, Grilled in the Husk, with Sriracha, Lime & Huacatay

It's that time of year, corn is in season and I decided I was not going to be the only one not enjoying it... even though I don't usually go crazy for it to be honest! Oh, corn is fine I suppose, but for my taste a little boring in its sweetness and a little bland in general. So this evening I decided to try a little experiment! 

I have a whole, big bunch of "huacatay" at home again at the moment- and I am not afraid to use it! I figured the rich, lemony flavor would go well with the corn, especially if I added some fresh lime juice so as to add a little tanginess and and some hot sriracha sauce for a little blast of fire!

This is was really, really easy to make. I started by peeling back the husk, to reveal the silk around the corn, which I removed and then I briefly dipped the corn into water to moisten the husk a little.  whilst that was going on, I plucked a handful of haucatay leaves and chopped them finely. And I am sorry to say that, THAT was all of the prep-work necessary!

I then smeared the corn with sriracha sauce- how much you use depends on your personal taste- but this hot Thai chili sauce really packs a punch! Once I had smeared the corn lightly with sauce, I sprinkled the corn with the finely-chopped huacatay, a little salt and the juice of half a lime. 

I folded the husk closed again and laid the corn onto my hot grill pan for at least 3-4 minutes without touching it- this gave it a chance to singe a little and to give the corn some good flavor. I added a little splash of water into the pan, which immediately became a cloud of steam and disappeared- but not before helping the corn to cook more easily!

I flipped the corn over and over until all sides were nice and brown, repeated the water thing another 1-2 times, but with only a tiny splash of water! You don#t want to boil the corn!

Once the corn is nicely browned-off all around, it is ready to be peeled open, sprinkled with salt and a little more lime juice and enjoyed! No butter here! No added fat! Just pure, corn goodness, fresh herb flavor and hot, chili excitement! Yow! And My Goodness, it was Good! 

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