Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Small Wonder!

Pizzetta con i Broccoli, Prosciutto, Olive & Feta
Little Pizza with Broccoli, Ham, Olives and Feta Cheese

This may only be an itty-bitty little pizza, but it is packed with great flavors and a treat by all accounts! That in itself is a good thing... another good thing is that I made it from just half of a roll of pre-made dough from the supermarket- so it was really quickly made... and I had left-over dough to make an awesome sweet treat out of that you can see in the following post! Yep- this was a nice, indulgent pizza party!

Of course I used my frying pan again to make this- you are used to that by now I'm sure and I do hope you make your pizzas that way at home as well. There is no better way to get intense, high heat to the base of your pizza to get it nice and crispy in a home oven... forget those stones and gimmicks and do it my way- I'm on your side after all folks! :-)

Obviously there is a tiny bit of prep-work to be done here as the broccoli needs to be cooked first, but cut into small pieces, just 6-7 minutes was all it took to turn the broccoli a rich, vibrant green and to have it cooked just enough- obviously the heat from the oven will do its part too! So I steamed the broccoli and let it cool off whilst preparing the other few ingredients. 

I used just a couple of slices of Black Forest ham to make this- I just happen to have it at home at the moment, but you can use any ham you like as long as it is thinly sliced and also as long as you do not overload the pizza too much, because that will make it soggy. The same principle goes for the feta cheese- this was just a thick slice of 2" or more, which I crumbles and sprinkled sparingly over the pizza. That is not much cheese I know- but look at the pics and ask yourself if you really think it is too little. I don''t... and hopefully you will agree. With the olives it is the same again- this was just 5 olives for the entire pizza. Other ingredients were fennel seed and a little Italian mustard or "senapĂ©"- but a nice Dijon will also do the trick. A hint of nutmeg and a drizzle of oil and  this thing becomes really wonderful- let me tell you how!

First I cut my pizza base to size and laid it in the pan, folded the outer edge over in little pleats (totally unnecessary) then set out the broccoli first, nice and evenly spaced. Then came the small pieces of ham, spread out in between. Then the olives and last but not least the crumbled cheese. I added a generous sprinkle of fennel seed and a little pepper- but no salt, as the ham and cheese are already salty enough. And then I popped the frying pan onto the stovetop at the highest setting for 2-3 minutes. until the base became firm and slightly brown, then transferred the pan to the oven, set to the highest setting for 3-4 minutes and then gave it another 2-3 minutes under the broiler until it became golden and crispy!

This is a great hot or cold dish... I am guessing. I can only guess because I finished my little pizza very, very quickly this evening. And I somehow think that you all will too!

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