Sunday, 11 August 2013

Simply Fruitiful!

Frutta Estiva con Yogurt, Vaniglia, Peperoncino & Huacatay
Summer Fruits with Yogurt, Vanilla, Chili & Huacatay

So it was mid-morning and I had somehow been overcome with the desire to indulge in a savory breakfast this Sunday... which seemed like a good idea at the time, but now, a couple of hours later I was feeling the need for something sweet after all! Such a dilemma! ;-)

Of course, in the middle of Summer, with such wonderful fruit in season, it is never difficult to make something refreshing, sweet and delicious and the best part about doing so is that it is going to be healthy and good for you! It doesn't always have to be ice cream, it doesn't always have to be cake... if can sometimes be something as simple as this! 

With just a couple of exotic ingredients, a simple fruit yogurt dish can be transformed into something quite sublime! I added lime juice and fresh vanilla to the yogurt and  Peruvian Huacatay leaves and chili to the rest- wow! That's a lot of great flavor for you there! 

The red berries, the René Claude plums and the nectarine were as wonderful in contrast of taste and texture as they were in color and the vibrant, lemony flavor of the Huacatay upped the fruitiness a notch until the chili made it skyrocket! Yes- this a fun and exciting treat to be sure- and would make an excellent dessert on some other occasion too!

For the sake of convenience, I added vanilla essence to the plain yogurt, along with the juice of half a lime and 1 teaspoon of Stevia (or 1 tablespoon of sugar). This was 6 tablespoons of yogurt in all for this single serving. I whisked everything together well for 2-3 minutes and then spooned it out onto my dish. I arranged the fruit decoratively on top and then added the Huacatay leaves, which are mild enough to eat easily- especially as I selected the smallest, most delicate leaves from the bunch. 

Next came a very light drizzle of honey over the fruit and a sprinkle of chili on top- which may sound weird and may look like it may have been too much- but trust me, with the fruit, the mild yogurt and Huacatay leaves, the combination was harmonious and simply superb! This is one to make again and again and again with whichever fruit is in season... it is always going to taste and look divine! Enjoy!

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