Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fit for a King!

Frittata di Funghi Cardoncelli e Ricotta
King Oyster Mushroom & Ricotta Frittata

A simple dish, made from a wonderful product, with only the few necessary ingredients to bring out the best of its subtle flavor- sounded like a good idea to me this evening! Especially as I had bought these gorgeous king-oyster mushrooms at the weekend and knew that I could make them into something really special... if only I could figure out WHAT?

I decided to keep things pretty simple and classic and opted for a frittata, adding only egg, a little ricotta cheese, onion and parsley, with salt, pepper and nutmeg for seasoning. So it was maybe simple, but it wasn't bland and it was anything but boring! In fact, it was delicious!

To make it, I cut the mushrooms into slices and selected the 4 nicest, which I set to one side and then chopped up all the rest and popped them into my non-stick pan with just a tiny pat of butter, but a decent pinch of finely chopped parsley and 1 finely chopped Spring onion. I let them sizzle away at a high heat for 4-5 minutes at the most and then set them to one side to cool.

Next, I added the 4 slices and another little pat of butter, sautéed them for 2-3 minutes and then set them to one side too. Because I need them to cool off a little 
before they could be added to the eggs... speaking of which...

I cracked 2 eggs, added the chopped mushrooms, 1 tablespoon of fresh ricotta, 1 teaspoon of salted ricotta, pepper, a little nutmeg, a pinch of parsley, and stirred everything through. I then poured this mixture into a small frying pan and set the 4 large slices decoratively on top. I seasoned with another hint of nutmeg and some salt and pepper, a few extra blobs of fresh ricotta here and there, and popped the frying pan into the oven!

I let the frittata bake for 5 minutes and then turned on the grill to get it nice and golden and brown... mmm! A last sprinkle of fresh and finely chopped parsley and dinner was served! Which was a good thing, as I was feeling rather hungry at that point!

If they are in season, you should be eating those mushrooms folks! Get out there and grab yourselves a few- because I think you are going to like them! Enjoy!

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