Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Through The Looking Glass...

Bicchiero di Arancia, Yogurt & Melograno
Orange, Yogurt & Pomegranate

These little desserts are as magical looking as anything Alice would have enjoyed after peeping through her looking glass. And I think that the first thought that would be going through anyones mind after seeing them would be "eat me"- just like that magic potion in the fairy tale...

...but this little dessert, simple as it is, is magical too!. Fresh orange, cool yogurt and refreshing pomegranate are the ingredients, which are excellent together and which I actually did not alter one bit when preparing this. Basically, all I did here was have a sense of taste in combining these flavors and a sense of style whilst serving them up :-)

The only real work here was cutting the segments of orange out from between the membrane enclosing each slice. I topped and tailed the orange first, set it onto my cutting board and cut the outer layer of peel away generously, then went in and cut-out the tender flesh only. This was to become the first layer. Next came a laver of plain yogurt, enriched with a little honey and a pinch of vanilla essence. And last but not least, the wonderful, refreshing pomegranate, to add some color and excitement into the affair!

And that ladies and gentlemen was it! At least for today my friends! Hope you enjoy this, hope you try it out out some time- and hope that you enjoy the flavors!

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