Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Fruit Came Crumbling Down!

Mirtilli & Mela al Forno con una Crosta di Fiocchi d'Avena & Pistacchio
Baked Apple & Blueberries with Oatmeal/Pistachio/Yogurt Crumble

Here is a breakfast idea for you that is probably every bit as quick to make as any other cooked breakfast, 10 times as yummy and indulgent and probably healthier that a lot of others too!
You could mix yourself a bowl of oatmeal or cereal and slice some fruit to add to it, sure. But at  20 minutes prep-time, you could be digging into this delicious treat and start your day on a guilt-free high!

Well, the berries were cheap and the cook was willing- that's all that I can say! I had been out of town the whole day yesterday and a little irked at not having been able to visit the market hall and had to resort to the supermarket on my way home in the evening. No, not a fate worse than death... but still- lol! The berries caught my eye and made me think of sunnier times... and God knows the Springtime should have started by now!

So there I was this morning, as optimistic as I could manage... and there was STILL no sun! In fact- a sudden hailstorm knocked the last bit of sleep out of me whilst my coffee was brewing. Enough! My plans to simply add the berries to my hot oatmeal changed- just like that! I needed a treat to cheer me up... fast!

So I turned on my oven to get it prepared and turned on my stove to warm up my frying pan. I quickly peeled a golden delicious apple and cut it into slices, then rinsed off the berries quickly whilst I added a pat of butter to the apple. I tossed the apple slices to get them coated and added a sprinkle of cinnamon and the berries, along with a teaspoon of cherry preserves (it was all I had!) and a drop of orange juice. I stirred this carefully together and turned off the heat... it was time to prepare the crumble!

To make the crumble, I took 4 tablespoons of oatmeal and added 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and a squeeze of honey. I stirred it gently together so as to not let it clump up too much, then added a sprinkle of ground pistachio and a light dusting of vanilla-sugar, that aromatic powdered sugar you can use to make very artificial tasting creams with- haha! It is fine for this though- just a tiny hint! I sprinkled it a second time with pistachio, stirred it together again and then began to layer it with the apple and blueberries in my oven dish with just a slight drizzle of milk for some added moisture. 

And then off it went, onto the top shelf, at 400° to heat through, for the apples to become moist and juicy, the berries to pop and give off their juices and for everything to come together and become this beautiful breakfast! 5 minutes was all it took, with an extra minute or two to get crispy and brown under the broiler... and I have to say that I enjoyed very much with some fresh, cold yogurt on top... and somehow feel sure that you will too!

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