Saturday, 25 May 2013

Don't Leaf Me Behind!

Insalata di Bietola Rossa, Cachi & Feta
Baby Red Chard, Persimmon & Feta Cheese Salad

I made it to the market hall without getting soaked today- thankfully! Another sunny day in Frankfurt- Not! I think Summer is set to begin in the fall this year. And yet, it was a nice salad-green that wasn't that caught my eye. These wonderful little chard leaves in their beautiful deep magenta were just too pretty to not take with me... it just had to be done!

And just one stall further along, the cutest, sweetest little persimmons sat calling to me, "take me!". It was just something that was meant to be I guess! I did not think of combining the two at the time- the thought struck me later when I got home. Mild but peppery chard leaves and sweet and juicy persimmon- that was already a good pairing as it was... but something seemed to be missing...

...and that something was quite clearly the rich and salty Feta cheese, which brought everything together and gave it balance and real depth of flavor. But even that alone wasn't enough... it needed something more!

So what I did was to layer the leaves, the crumbled cheese and thin slices of persimmon and to then dress them up with a combination of salt & pepper, dried powdered mint and fresh time which I then sprinkled with lime juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and right at the end, a nice drizzle of honey... and NOW it was perfect indeed! I now had everything- sweetness, sourness,  
freshness and a savory richness from the cheese. This tasted as good as it looks my friends! Give it a try and you will see why! I guarantee it!

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