Friday, 24 May 2013

Breaded Bliss

Bruschetta con Pomodori Miste, Ricotta, Basilico e Ajvar
Mixed-Tomato Bruschetta with Ricotta, Basil & Ajvar

Lunch or brunch or whatever you want to call it when someone gets up to late for breakfast and can't wait around until lunch to eat, was this wonderful variation on the theme of the classic bruschetta. Except I didn't have and real bread at home... just these rye-bread rolls. Poor me- haha! They made for a delicious snack, covered in a combination of red and yellow cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil and tangy Ajvar, and a layer of creamy Ricotta- pretty fantastic and made in just a few minutes!

This is my favorite kind of snack- low in hassle, low in fat, high in flavor and as pretty as it was delicious! Or was it the other way around? On another dull, cold and rainy day, these brought a bit of sunshine and a lot of satisfaction to the table! And let's face it- they are pretty simple... but at the same time- what's not to like?

The rolls of course were "scorched" on my grill-pan. The word "bruschetta" is derived from "bruciare" which means to burn... and so they should just a little bit! It's all a part of the deal! I omitted rubbing the crispy, toasted bread with garlic today- but that would also have been awesome, and instead, simply gave it a light spread of fresh low-fat ricotta.

For the tomato topping, I chopped equal amounts of red and yellow cherry tomatoes, seasoned them with salt, pepper and a little dried oregano and added some spicy Ajvar- for these 4 portions it only took 1 tablespoon. There's no need to overdo it! I stirred this together well and then added 4-5 nice, large basil leaves which I cut into thin strips. I stirred this all through and spooned it onto the rolls and sprinkled them generously with coarsely ground black pepper. The finishing touch to make them mega-galactic were a few strips of moist sun-dried tomato to make everything really "zing!" Easy! And very, very tasty! No need for added oil or fat- just the fresh, fruity flavor of the tomatoes and some herbs and spices to bring it to life.Try it and see!

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