Monday, 13 May 2013

Rockin' Rolls!

Tortilla con Uovo, Rucola, Finocchio, Olive, Feta, Ricotta Fresca & Ajvar
Tortilla Wrap with Egg, Arugula, Fennel, Olives, Feta, Cream Cheese & Ajvar

I was tired after work this evening- it can happen to the best of us! I just wanted to kick-back and relax, nibble on something yummy and not fuss too much in the kitchen, or set the table... I wanted something simple and tasty. A sandwich- sure, why not? I didn't have anything particularly exciting in the fridge... but that didn't mean I had to make something boring! And that is why I went ahead and made these!

A little went a long way in making these delicious wraps- just a couple of eggs and a handful of arugula really- the rest was just the average stuff I had sitting in the fridge. Literally- there is next to nothing naughty in these wraps... but just look at them- they are packed with goodness all the same! None of those nasty cold cuts, plastic cheese imitations or fatty mayonnaise here- these were healthy as well as delicious!

I started off by spreading the tortilla with a low-fat cream cheese- you can use Philadelphia, a fresh ricotta or any soft-spreading cheese you may prefer, but mine this evening was low-fat cheese curd, also known as "quark" here in Germany. I added chives, salt and pepper to mine and whipped it in just using a fork before I spread it, just to give it a little savory depth of flavor, and then added a generous topping of arugula- simple so far!

Next, I quickly beat an egg together- not too thoroughly, as I like to have both white and yolk visible and taste-able in mine- though that is of course a matter of taste. I also decided to fry mine without any fat at all in my non-stick pan- as far as I'm concerned, there really is no need for that either- there will be plenty of other moisture and juiciness in the wraps that we can do without extra fat... trust me! Into the pan that single egg went, and I tilted and teased it around the surface until it set properly, then flipped it over for just a few seconds and set it to one side to cool. I didn't season the egg on account of all of the other flavors that were yet to come...

The first flavor of which was a generous spread of Ajvar- that delicious Balkan roasted pepper paste- mmm! This was a nice spicy one, great in combination with the mild and bland egg- perfect in fact! Then came a few fine slices of fennel for some crunch and some sweetness- and on top of that, some crumbled Feta cheese and sliced black olives for some depth or richer flavors and a hint of saltiness to balance all of the other flavors out... this may not really have been cooking- but the same rules always apply! It is about complimenting textures and flavors- that is the whole craft and art of cookery and creating great food!

I rolled the tortillas up carefully and wrapped them in foil to keep them in shape- being careful to keep that cream cheese and Ajvar in! Oh, it may not sound like much going into this sandwich on account of the missing meat, fish or chicken- but trust me... there is way more than enough in here to make for some good and satisfying eating!

I decided to slice the tortillas into small rolls to make them easier to nibble- which also makes them really pretty- perfect even as appetizers for your next party... you never know! All I know is- that if you do so, your guests, friends or family are going to love you for it!

Of course you can use other ingredients- but the thing I liked about this sandwich was the combination with the egg, Ajvar and arugula- they were the real stars of the show! Meat, chicken or fish would obviously work fantastically- but for this Meatless Monday- this was just fine. In fact this was much more than just fine- it was really terrific! Try it out yourselves and enjoy!

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