Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sweet Somethings...

Focaccia di Mandorla e Yogurt con Fichi e Miele
Yogurt & Almond Flatbread with Figs & Honey

Can it really be Sunday morning again already? Excuse me but... what happened to Saturday?!?! Oh yes- that was the day I went to the market... and picked up these fresh figs here ;-) I am so tired of the Winter and ready for some Springtime, fresh fruits and fun food!

I had no idea what I wanted to do with the figs when I bought them and after wracking my brain for a while this morning, decided my hunger was a stronger driving force than my imagination, and kicked into auto-pilot mode... and simply decided to get on with it and MAKE something! And this ladies and gentlemen was the result...

To make it, I took 6 tablespoons of plain, low-fat yogurt and added 4 tablespoons of ground almonds. I mixed them together with a wooden spoon until I had a smooth paste and then began adding flour, little by little and working it in with the spoon too. I continued to do this until I had a soft but firm dough which came away from the sides of my mixing bowl nicely. I added a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar- just enough to lift the flavor a little... this was supposed to be a bread and not a cake! I let the dough rest for 20-30 minutes before rolling it out- that's what you a you are supposed to do, right? Haha!

After 30 minutes, the dough was more manageable, lovely and soft- much smoother and more elastic than before. I floured my work surface and my rolling pin and rolled it into a circle, from the center outwards, until it was about 1/2" thick. I then popped it into my frying pan- my preferred utensil when it comes to baking pizza or flatbread, because I believe in getting as much heat into the base of the dough before it goes into the oven when making these kinds of breads, so compensate for the lower heat that our domestic ovens can deliver compared to a brick oven at a pizzeria or bakery.

Next step- turn on the oven to full power! Whilst it was heating up, I sliced the figs (this little bread took 3 of them) and arranged them on top, I drizzled them with honey and then popped my little bread into the hot oven and said adios for 10 minutes... did my minimal washing up, brewed myself a coffee... and enjoyed the sweet perfume coming from the oven!

After just 10 minutes, the bread was ready... golden brown, puffy and totally delicious! The almond flavor came through really well and together with the figs and honey made it into the perfect Sunday morning treat! Hope you will all enjoy it too!

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