Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scramble Siciliano

Uova Strappazzate alla Siciliana
Sicilian Scrambled Eggs on Rye

At last, the weekend- and a holiday weekend at that! Which means for me, finally time to start the day with a little breakfast- something I never have the time to indulge in on a weekday. And this morning I was in the mood for something savory rather than sweet... something with egg... something like this!

I have made a number of dishes based on one of my favorite flavor combinations from the old country (Sicily)- that being egg with mint and sun-dried tomatoes. So this morning I decided to try to use those ingredients in a version of scrambled eggs - something quick, simple and yummy. Paired with a couple of nice, rustic, rye bread rolls, it made a breakfast that guaranteed the day was going to be good and gave me a smile that lingered for a long, long time :-)

This was obviously a very simple affair. I started off by sautéing some finely chopped bacon in a dry frying pan... the fat that the bacon gave off during frying was going to serve to fry the rest of the ingredients nicely. In the meantime, I beat 2 eggs together with a splash of milk and a handful of grated parmesan cheese. I then finely chopped a little mint and parsley and a sun-dried tomato as finely as I could and added them to the eggs. I seasoned with just a little salt, some pepper and of course nutmeg.

Once the bacon was beginning to brown, I poured over the egg mix and let it begin to set slightly, then began to push and fold, push and fold the mixture, so that all sides of the egg fried evenly. I only let the eggs cook for 2-3 minutes and then let them sit and finish cooking in their own heat and their own time... definitely do not constantly stir the eggs until they dry out completely! I served up the moist and delicious scrambled eggs on crispy rolls, with fresh cherry tomato slices and a tad more black pepper- pretty delicious! You should give it a try too some day!

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