Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Minor Roll- Major Flavor!

Piccoli Sfogliatini di Mirtillo & Pera
Mini Blueberry & Pear Pastries

Don't these little pastries just look deliciously unpretentious and fun? Yes indeed! Probably because that is what they are! I made them from the last third, of the left-over puff-pastry from yesterday evening... and you know me well enough by now to know that I hate to waste food. And humble and simple as they are, these little swirls of fruity goodness need hardly any sugar in order taste terrific... if indeed any at all ;-)

Well, these little pastries were deliciously tasty from the natural sweetness of the fruits... and of course as pretty as a picture too! Basically all I needed to do was to roll together the pastry and fruits into a mini strudel of sorts... but I am getting ahead of the game! Let me slow down a little and explain how I made these... because you are going to like them too!

So... this is all you need to do! Lightly dress and marinade the pear and blueberries in a little "light syrup" made by dissolving Stevia in my case, or else sugar if you prefer, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg and a squeeze of lemon juice. I unrolled the pastry and first of all cut out 8 small circles using a cookie cutter- these would serve as the bases for my little pastries. I then began laying the pear slices, in a row along one end of the remaining pastry. I then laid out a row of blueberries on top, sprinkled them lightly with cinnamon, folded the pastry over and repeated this again and again until the last fold of the pastry finally sealed in all of that fruity goodness. And all I needed to do now, was to cut slices out of my mini strudel-roll and to set them out on top of the circular pastry bases... easy!

To get the pastries started, I laid them onto my non-stick frying pan- no oil or fat needed and let the pastry bubble up and brown off slightly around the edges. I did that because I wanted the bases to be nice and robust- and so that the fruit filling did not soak through and spill out!
And then into the oven they went... at around 350°F, for 10-15 minutes until they were lovely and puffy and golden brown! Yum, yum, yum!

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