Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Whole Point of Supper!

Insalata di Cavolo Rosso, Puntarelle & Arancia
Puntarelle Tips, Orange Segment & Red Slaw Salad

Not of every supper- but of this one for sure! You have already seen my recipe using the stalks of the puntarelle, but the real stars of the show, and the reason that I bought this lovely plant in the first place, were the little pods or tips that you can see here, which are found in the center. I am not sure where the name "puntarelle" originates from, but the word "punto", means point or tip in this context- and must be referring to these little juicy, white segments.

Popular as a simple salad, with mildly bitter flavor reminiscent of the stalks of endives, these are enjoyed in Rome and the surrounding regions in Italy. But if you can manage to get them- I am sure they will be enjoyed wherever you might be in the world too!

I decided to combine the puntarelle with orange- always a favorite in the Winter months and balancing out the bitter flavor with refreshing juiciness as well as some great color. Oh, and of course it doesn't taste bad either! Especially in combination with olive oil, orange becomes something really special in a salad and is something you really just have to love!

To add a little extra flavor- oh sure- AND color, I decided to make a juicy, colorful slaw of sorts, using red cabbage. To make it, I sliced the cabbage as finely as possible and sprinkled it with salt, sugar, pepper, lime juice and olive oil. I mashed it down with my hands, squeezing it and making it softer and letting it give off its juices, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes. After that time, I drained off the "cabbagey" tasting juices and instead added a little fresh orange juice, olive oil and honey... much better!

I laid out the orange segments and the puntarelle on top of the cabbage and drizzled everything lightly with a little more honey and olive oil. The finishing touch was some red pepper corns, which are mildm but add a delightful little crunch and heat to accent the smooth, juicy and fresh flavors in the salad. The result is colorful, pretty and every bit as flavorful as it looks... what's not to love?!? Simply Enjoy!

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