Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simply Fruitiful!

Yogurt Greco al Limone con Cachi Fresche e Goji Secche 
Lime Greek Yogurt with Persimmon & Goji Berries

Sometimes it is a real challenge to present food in a way that makes it look appetizing and appealing... but often times, nature does all the hard work for us! Case in point: what could possibly be a better way of presenting a fruit as ripe and beautiful as the persimmon in these photos? Quite simply... there is none! It is a wonderful sight to behold- and a delicious flavor to enjoy!

I had had this persimmon at home for almost a full week, it was now so ripe and mature, that I could hardly believe the amount of juice and the wonderful texture when I cut it in half, compared to the one I ate this Sunday. Sundays fruit was firmer, less juicy but still sweet a delicious... but the same fruit 4 days later was succulent and totally amazing! There was also no real way to improve the flavor, so I decided to keep things simple and to only add a few things that would enhance it, without adding or taking away too much... I trust you will approve of what I did!

After tasting one slice of this persimmon and delighting in the smooth and sweet but not too sweet flavor, I decided that a little touch of tartness would be good, as would something creamy- and what could be easier than whipping up a little already delicious Greek yogurt? I added a hint of Stevia and a squeeze of lime to the yogurt, to make it a little "fresher" tasting- sugar or honey would also be great. Once it was whipped nicely, I spooned it out onto my serving dish and then laid the persimmon slices decoratively on top. I added the Goji berries, to give a little chewy texture and a little extra "sourness", to balance the creamy and sweet elements... but I really did leave things at that! The combination was just excellent as it was!

Once again, proof that food needs not necessarily be expensive, complicated or too clever to be truly wonderful! Sometimes less is more- and this time less was SO MUCH more! Enjoy!


  1. Ich liebe Kakis! Esse zur Zeit jeden Tag eine. Ein wirklich feines Rezept. Danke Francesco und ein schönes Wochenende für dich.

  2. Aber gern doch! Freut mich das es Dir gefällt und Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende- und viel Spass und Erfolg auf dem Markt! Francesco