Saturday, 10 November 2012

Raise Your Glass!

Pasta di Riso Dolce, con Latte di Cocco, Mirtilli Rosse e Cumquat
Sweet Coconut Rice Noodles with Cranberries & Cumquats

These dainty little creations need to be dedicated to my online friend and wonderfully talented artist Michael Schwarzm├╝ller, who created these delightful glasses. Although they are produced in large series, each one of these delicate, feather-light glasses is indeed hand blown and then decorated with colored accents- amazing!

When I received the parcel in the post, I have to admit that I thought "hmm... someone has sent you an empty box!"- so light are these precious little things! And yes, they are rather small- before you think that I over-indulged in the dessert department! But at the same time- the little dish that I put together was so delicious that I may well have had a second serving anyway!

Being a fan of rice pudding, I thought that I would make a similar dish using rice noodles. To prepare them, I first soaked them in warm water, as one would when preparing them normally, in this case all I needed was one handful to make these 4 little servings. In the meantime, brought about a coffee mug full of milk to the boil in which I added a little vanilla, a hint of cinnamon and a light grating of ginger.

After having soaked for 5-6 minutes, I added the noodles to the milk, along with a 2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk- I think that any more would be a little overpowering- but of course you can feel free to add more if you wish!

As usual, I used a little Stevia to sweeten mine, but you can use sugar or honey, and I let them simmer away, stirring occasionally, for just 5-6 minutes, until they were soft, creamy, sweet an delicious! I let mine cool off in this case and then refrigerated them, but this would surely have tasted equally delicious served hot... well, actually, I know it as a fact, as I snook a few bites in whilst preparing it!

To make it more attractive and tastier still, I decided I needed a fruity ingredient to counterpoint the sweetness of the noodles- and what could have been better at this time of year than my cranberry preserves? Problem solved! Oh, I could have cooked something up- but really, a favorite jam is all you need for this- especially as it only took one teaspoonful per serving! But wait! I am jumping the gun a little- I need to tell you how to get this served up without it sloshing all over and against the edges of those glasses, so that it still looks pretty! :-)

What I did was to first place one of those serving rings into the glass- the kind that you use for shaping rice or mashed potatoes with when serving... then spooning the noodles into the ring, so that they didn't touch the glass until I lifted the ring back out... easy when you know how!

Ok- now I was ready to enjoy- cranberries on top, cumquat slices, a sprig of mint and not only dids it look pretty as a picture, but it was also a little explosion of wonderful flavor too! Although I think I need to ask Michael if he can send me some larger glasses next time... it was really delicious! I hope that you approve my friend!


  1. As usual, looks yummy and pretty, too. Btw, I didn't realize you could get cranberries over there. Very nice!

    Frank @Memorie di Angelina

  2. Hi Frank- as always, I am really glad you like it! And yes, we certainly do great cranberries here, wonderfully fresh at the moment... But otherwise, this kind year round... They came out of a jar! ;-) best wishes from Frankfurt! Francesco