Thursday, 15 November 2012

Easy Does It!

Frittate Semplice con Ricotta, Pancetta e Verdure Miste
Simple Ricotta, Bacon & Vegetable Omelette

It can happen to any of us and it happens to me way too often for my liking... working late at the office! Ugh! Much as I love my job, there comes a point after 9-10 hrs of it, when enough is enough! I love cooking MORE :-) And there comes a time when even I am just plain hungry- and after a long day, like today, it's good when the prep-work is kept to a minimum and I can get something whipped together really quick! Something like this!

A couple of scoops of ricotta, a couple of eggs, a handful of bacon and a few mixed vegetables and before you know it, you have a great, tasty omelette on your hands- or on your plate to be precise! Because it doesn't have to be expensive, fancy or complicated to be delicious- just freshly put together and made of good things!

And whilst we are on the subject of good things- let's get started with that handful of bacon! That is always good! Pop the bacon into a dry frying pan- it has more than enough fat of its own. Turn up the heat and when it begins to sizzle, start adding the vegetables- whatever you prefer, but in this case I had a little diced green bell pepper, a few slices of zucchini, some cherry tomatoes and my omni-present Spring onion. Sautée the vegetables with the bacon for 4-5 minutes until they are almost done and in the meantime, make yourself useful by beating those eggs!

To make this, I used 2 eggs, 2 tablespoonfuls of fresh ricotta, some chopped parsley and mint, salt and pepper and of course, as always with egg dishes, some freshly grated nutmeg. if the mix seems to thick, you can always thin it down a little by adding a little splash of milk. As soon as it IS ready though, pour half of it into your frying pan and as soon as the base begins to set, lay out the ingredients decoratively on top of the egg. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, a little paprika powder and some grated Parmesan, then pour the other half of the egg mix on top.

Sprinkle everything again with Parmesan and freshly ground pepper and pop it into the oven to finish, cook and brown... so easy! After 5-6 minutes the omelette should be ready to eat, but after a couple of minutes under the broiler it will be deliciously golden brown on top too! Enjoy with some crusty bread a a glass of white wine! ;.)

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