Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dessert was The Bomb!

Yogurt Greco con Melograna & Cioccolato Amaro
Greek Yogurt with Pomegranate & Dark Chocolate

Well, maybe not a bomb, but a beautiful, juicy, "hand-granade" of a ripe pomegranate! Yes, that is what this fruit is named after- and it does, I suppose, look like one of those hand-launched explosives... although the only explosion you are to see or taste here, is and explosion of color and flavor!

There really isn't much to this refreshing treat here... but since when has that ever stopped me? Or you? We just want to have fun and make dishes that taste great, right?!? And the refreshing, earthy-sweet juiciness of the pomegranate, together with the creamy Greek yogurt and the rich deep chocolate splinters, offset by the touch of mint, make for a perfect ending to a wonderful Winter meal...  So let's get busy and let's make us a delicious dessert!

I drizzled the pomegranate seeds with a little grenadine and dusted them with a hint of cinnamon, just to give them a little depth of flavor and richness, then filled them into my cocktail glass, ready for the creamy yogurt as the next layer...

I sweetened the yogurt with a little honey and whisked it up until it became light and fluffy and then proceeded to spoon it out on top of the pomegranate seeds. I did this by setting out individual spoonfuls around the outside edge, then gently stirred everything together to create a smooth, thick, creamy layer.

The finishing touch was a sprinkle of chocolate shavings and pomegranate seeds and a little sprig of mint for a little added freshness and color- but they weren't exactly lacking here anyway! After chilling for an hour in the fridge, this was ready for serving... although I have to admit I was ready to taste is much earlier... indeed, right from the get-go! So as you can see- some of the simplest combinations can look and taste the best of all! This here is an eye-opener and a refresher in any case- and in this combination, comparatively healthy to-boot!


  1. gesund und sooo lecker!

  2. :-) Melanie- Ich finde es auch Granaten-stark! ;-)

  3. Very nice! I love all the ingredients here, so I can just imagine the combination. A so pretty, too! Ciao, Frank

    1. Glad you like it Frank! Why am I not surprised? ;-) we Italians know what's good, right? Best wishes from Francesco