Thursday, 3 May 2012

Totally Rad Kohlslaw!

Insalata di Ravanello e Cavolo Rapa
Kohlrabi & Radish Slaw

Here is a nice little Summertime side-dish for you! Coleslaw... the classic Summer favorite in it's many variations... is always a wonderful accompaniment to all-things grilled or fried- refreshing and delicious!

On the down-side, if there is one at all with coleslaw, is that it is often made with mayonnaise or heavy cream and is laden with calories. Not this little flavor explosion! This is made with low-fat yogurt and about as healthy as you could want!

Rather than using a crunchy savoy cabbage, Chinese leaves or suchlikes, I decided to make this slaw from a fresh, crispy kohlrabi. The name coleslaw, is derived from the word "kohl", which means cabbage in German. The kohlrabi has a smoother and somewhat more peppery flavor than cabbage, making it a pleasant change to the usual.

The addition of the giant red radish adds a little more "zing!"- and that is exactly what I wanted here! I have a couple more ingredients to add- nothing too crazy, but just incredibly refreshing and a little different... but then again- you didn't expect anything else from me now, did you?

I first sliced the radish and the kohlrabi thinly and then cut the slices in turn into a fine julienne. I added a little coarse mustard powder, a little lime juice, a little finely chopped mint and parsley, a finely chopped Spring onion, salt, pepper, a drizzle of honey... and then grated both a little ginger and a little horseradish into it. I added a couple of tablespoons of low-fat yogurt and a couple of drops of sesame oil. And tossed it gently together. And that my dear friends was all! So easy and so delicious! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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