Friday, 4 May 2012

Pretty Babies!

Risoni con Caperi e Olive & Peperoncini Ripiene di Feta e Menta
Risoni with Capers and Olives & Mint and Feta-Filled Baby Bell Peppers

More Mediterranean madness for you tonight my friends- and although this is not by any means a Greek dish, I am sure that it would go down well on the islands this Summer! When it starts to get hot and sultry, these old favorite flavors always hit the right spot- whether served hot or cold!

Olives, capers, mint and feta cheese... what's not to love? Especially with these delicious little baby bell peppers and a light glaze of honey! And as usual... at around 20 minutes in the making, especially perfect for those hot Summer evenings!

I started off by boiling about an inch or so of water in my frying pan for the risoni. No- I have not lost my mind... just bear with me! This is all about time-saving! Whilst the water boiled I halved and cleaned out the peppers. Then in went the risoni and a good pinch of salt. I stirred them well and let them simmer for 5 minutes... they do soak up quite a bit of water, so be prepared to top it up as necessary.

After 5 minutes, I placed the peppers on top of the risoni and put the lid on... and let them steam for 10 minutes. Yes indeed... these fine little noodles actually take a while longer than regular pasta! Strange but true! And in the meantime, I chopped up my feta cheese along with some fresh mint, which I mixed together to be my filling for the peppers.

I also chopped a Spring onion finely, a little garlic, some parsley and a little more mint for the risoni. I prepared the olives and capers, turned on the broiler of my oven... and got ready for action!

This entailed taking the peppers and filling them with the mint and feta cheese mixture, drizzling it lightly with olive oil and honey and popping them into the oven to brown off and become delicious!

Whilst that was happening, I added all of the above ingredients to the risoni, along with a dash of olive oil and stirred everything up together nicely. I seasoned with a little lemon juice, salt, pepper, a hint of nutmeg and tiny pinch of cayenne...I think that just about sums up the flavor of a Mediterranean Summer! Don't you?

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