Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Seasons Greetings!

Frittata con i Funghi, Pisellini, Pepe, Menta, Feta e Prosciutto
Frittata with Mushrooms, Snow Peas, Peppers, Mint, Feta Cheese and Ham

A strange title for a post at the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer you might say. But as you may have noticed from my previous posts, I am just a little dismayed at how reluctant the seasons seem to be to co-operate any more! So this is another attempt from me, to force the Summer into being... and at least I can offer you some edible sunshine on a plate!

Also, I am finally realizing that I have to move into "empty the fridge before your vacation mode"- and that is exactly where the real inspiration for this dish came from. Or what else would you have done with 3 eggs, 3 mushrooms, 3 slices of Bresaola, a piece of Feta cheese, a baby bell pepper and a handful of snow peas? In just 20 minutes I had transformed them all into this wonderful, small but scrumptious frittata! And here is how you can do it yourselves...

First things first- the oven needs to be pre-heated, so get it turned on to a high temperature whilst you do your prep work. Prepare to do some chopping!

Finely chop some fresh parsley and mint- about a handful of each. Slice the bell pepper thinly, along with a Spring onion and the mushrooms. Actually, I cut the mushroom into 8ths- it was nicer to have them a little chunkier. I also cut the ham into thin strips and it was the ham and the mushrooms that went into my frying pan first. I gave them a quick sautée of 2-3 minutes, just to pre-cook them a little, then set them aside whilst I prepared the eggs.

I added the chopped mint and parsley to the 3 eggs, along with a splash of milk, a pinch of salt and pepper and a little nutmeg. Obviously, one way to have made this frittata, or omelette, would have been to have added all of the ingredients into the egg and poured it out into a hot frying pan... but then you would have to have fate on your side to get all of the ingredients evenly spread and may well have ended up with all of the mushrooms in one place for example. So I did things a little differently.

I poured in half of the mixture and once it had begun to set, removed it from the heat.
I then spread out half of the other ingredients evenly on top and then poured on top of those the remaining egg. I then spread the remaining ingredients on top, including the feta cheese, seasoned it again with salt, pepper and nutmeg and popped it into the hot oven to finish for 5 minutes... with an additional 2 minutes under the broiler to get it really nice and brown!

Pretty easy, pretty quick, pretty inexpensive... and very delicious! Enjoy!

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