Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Simply Grate!

Pasta Mista con Zucchine Gialle, Tacchino, Menta e Prezzemolo
Pasta Mix with Yellow Zucchini, Diced Turkey, Mint and Parsley

Yes, it happens to me, just like it happens to everybody else... you get to the point when you have a little left over pasta in the bag- not enough for a full meal, but also too much to warrant it simply being thrown away... and I never throw food away unless I absolutely have to! So yes, I mixed together my last handful of fusilli with the last handful of penne... and voila! A new dish was born!

Not only did I put this together from 2 handfuls of leftover pasta, but I also used the last little slice of turkey from last night and just a half of a yellow zucchini. Those were the main ingredients... and with a few herbs and spices, went to make a delicious and satisfying quick meal. Yet again!

Maybe I will create a complicated dish one day... I never say never- but you know- generally speaking, I tend to be of the opinion ahat simple dishes made from simple ingredients are just more sensible and more fun on a daliy basis. Splurge occasionally if you must- but just realize that those everyday meals can be pretty special every other day too!

So let's see... I got this party started by getting my water boiling for the pasta. Whilst that was heating up, I sautéed the diced turkey in a little olive oil with some crushed garlic. Once the turkey had changed color from pink to white, I added a little more olive oil and the grated zucchini and seasoned with pepper and nutmeg. Zucchini likes nutmeg. And so do I!

By now the water was boiling, so in went the pasta! I took the turkey and zucchini off the heat and chopped plenty of mint and parsley, as well as a Spring onion whilst the pasta cooked. After 6 minutes cooking time, I drained the pasta, but not too thoroughly and added it to the frying pan, together with all the fresh herbs.

I tossed everything together and added a little squeeze of lemon to all of the aromatic ingredients. By turning the heat off earlier on and allowing the zucchini to cool off, it exuded the olive oil that it had soaked-up during frying, along with all of the good flavors that had developed in the frying pan... and these in turn were soaked up now by the pasta! Terrific! After 2 minutes more, the pasta was ready to be served! I added a good sprinkle of chili flakes to mine and a little salted ricotta which I added at the last second. A perfect Summer pasta dish- don't you think?

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