Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tasty Tricolore!

Insalata di Ravanello e Cetriolo, con Condimento al Yogurt, Limone e Miele
Radish & Cucumber Salad with Tarragon and Honey-Yogurt Dressing

Not a serious recipe here- more of a simple suggestion for a slightly different cucumber salad dish for the hot Summer days. Obviously, you can see that the only work involved here is in slicing the cucumber and radish... but it is the combination with the tarragon, lemon and honey in the yogurt dressing that makes this so fresh.

The slightly aniseed-like flavor of the tarragon would make this a great side dish to chicken or fish. Have a little look and see what you think of this...

As I said, the dressing was a simple affair of mixing finely chopped tarragon, a little finely chopped basil, parsley and mint and stirring them into some plain yogurt. I added a little olive oil, honey, salt and pepper and that was basically it.

The radishes I used were the very large Italian variety- which are much larger and thicker than large carrots but lovely and mild in flavor. I layered them up with the cucumber slices and seasoned them with a little of my seasoned-salt mix, which was made by grinding course sea salt, sechuan pepper, lavender, orange & lime zest and a little sugar with a mortar and pestle. A light sprinkle is enough- the dressing and tarragon will bring plenty of fresh flavor on their own! And you can't get much more Summery than this salad now, can you?

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